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Holistic Colour Counselling and Healer accredited Diploma

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Train to be a Holistic Colour Therapy Counsellor and Healer using colour card readings to diagnose areas of your life that need attention and learn how to use colour for emotional support and healing. 

Our fully accredited distance learning course trains you to become a professional Colour Therapist. Our easy to follow comprehensive and practical course is in two levels (Certificate and Diploma levels) and you can start working as a Colour Therapist right away after Level 1 and can join the International Wheel of Colour Association (IWOC) as a practitioner member. You can begin anytime and although the programme is flexible, it normally takes around 6 months to complete each level. Choose from email, CD or work manuals for your colour illustrated course notes. We also include a colour wheel, colour visualisation CD and set of coloured filters with your course.

Unlike many complementary health schools our specialist school ensures that your work is tutored by Colour Therapy expert tutors.

Visit our website for full details about this course and how to study with us.

Fees start at £420.00 and include your course materials, full expert tutoring, and your beautiful Diploma. We also offer support and referrals after you graduate.

 Holistic Colour Counsellor And Healer (Level 1)           


Colour Therapy Certificate Course - 12 Lessons

 This is the first level of training to become a fully qualified Colour Therapist. Our course follows and extends the core curriculum laid down by the International Association of Colour. The first part of the course concentrates on using colour to mirror the soul by diagnosing imbalances in the colour energy levels in the subtle bodies. You will find out why certain colours affect your emotions, mental faculties and physical well-being and how to use colour for deep inner healing.

Through intuitive work combined with an understanding of the nature of light and the psychological meanings of colours, you will be able to give colour counselling and colour ‘Soul’ readings using cards, coloured herbal oils and by sensing colour through the hands. In the second part we concentrate on using colour as a healing tool, combining colour healing with creative visualisations, colour breathing, and solar ray therapy. Throughout the course there are practical tasks so that you get hands on experience. On completion students are eligible for our Diploma level. 

 Lesson 1.       The The History of Colour Therapy healing and how it works

      Holistic healthcare and  how colour affects our state of health 

Lesson  2            The seven coloured cosmic rays, Colour theory and mixing

Lesson 3.        A Colour Reflection Reading and using colour for counselling

Lesson 4.        Anatomy and Physiology for Colour Therapists 

Lesson  5.         Finding your Soul Colours and soul energy through Art Therapy

Lesson 6.        Colours in the aura and chakra system , sensing colours in the aura

Lesson 7.           Colour psychology - your colour personality and colour season in dress 

Lesson 8.        Therapeutic colours for home and work interiors

Lesson 9.        The synergy of Aromatherapy and Colour Healing

Lesson 10.         The therapeutic action of the rays on the physical body

Lesson 11.       Colour reflection readings and how these mirror your life and health

Lesson 12.        Colour-Breathing and colour visualizations for health benefits

Students obtaining 70% pass marks in their coursework and self administered examination will receive an Accredited  IRIS INTERNATIONAL Certificate in Colour Counselling and Healing. 

On completion of this course you can join the International Wheel of Colour Association in order to get insurance and you will  be eligible for Diploma Level 2.  We offer practical  workshops to support this course with credits that can be used towards the Professional Higher Diploma or for professional development. 




Accredited Diploma in Colour Counselling and Healing (Colour Therapy)


from �450.00 via email


Iris International School of Colour Therapy


Distance Learning


Tel. 01803 866079



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