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The Albright Health Centre is run by Jane Albright and her team of dedicated therapists. Jane is a National Federation healer, NLP Master Practitioner and Scenar Therapist trained in Russia with Dr Alexander Revenko and in England with Dr Zulia Frost, the leading practioner of Scenar therapy in the UK.  The other therapies we offer are The Rista, The Therapeutic Multilayer Medical Blanket, Low Level Laser (Q1000), Reflexology and Healing Massage.

The Albright Centre is the official representative and has distribution rights to train others in the use of Scenar and Rista technology in the UK.

We are based in North West London and have a building dedicated to training and small conferences, suitable for up to 20 people. Price per day to include refreshments morning and afternoon and a light lunch. From £175.

What pleasure can be greater than being treated as a very special unique person whose needs are carefully listened to and promptly acted upon? We pride ourselves on treating people with the respect they deserve.

We know from experience that your healing starts when you make your first call to us. We will give you guidelines to follow to aid your rapid recovery. We do not want you to have long drawn out sessions we want you well and healthy as fast as possible.

At the Albright Centre people benefit from all the little things you wouldn't normally get when you go for treatment. One of our clients remarked, "it's like being at home only I don't have to answer the phone or do anything". Most of our referrals are by word of mouth.


The Scenar 97.4
Scenar stands for Self-Controlled Energy Neurone Adaptive Regulation. this small hand held device was invented in Russia for the treatment of Cosmonauts in space, where conditions render pharmaceutical treatments impractical.
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The Rista
The Rista is a diagnostic microprocessor which, traces the energy lines of the body and identifies areas that are stressed or diseased.
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Neuro Linguistic Programming
NLP stands for Neuro as in the pathways in the brain. Linguistic as in the language we speak to ourselves and others. Programming. The program we run in our life related to all the thing we do, feel touch, hear, taste, see. NLP is the study of excellence in us and others. With the set of tools you will learn you can achieve anything you truly want in life.
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The TM Blanket
This blanket helps create the perfect balance to re-align your entire system, and re-energise a tired mind and body. It can be used in concert with other treatments to enhance their effect.
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Q1000 and Home Use Q10
Low level laser therapy has been proven completely safe in over 2000 worldwide studies. Learn about two low level lasers that have been registered with the FDA as class I laser devices based on research completed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Class I laser devices present minimal potential for harm to the user, and are generally classified by the FDA as NSR (non-significant risk) devices.
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Detox Foot Spa
A revolutionary foot spa treatment to re balance & re energise your bio-energy.
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