Pax Vita - Acupressure Mat

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Pax Vita - Acupressure Mat for Effective Acupressure Treatment


Acupressure treatment has been used worldwide for centuries as a natural health aid for various health complaints.

Acupressure therapy puts pressure on specific pressure points in our body to help stimulate and release blocked energy in these important pressure point areas which may become blocked over time.

This acupressure treatment helps also to release endorphins which is a feel good and natural pain relief hormone in our body which gives acupressure treatment its said health benefits.


Suggested Benefits of Acupressure Treatment

Relaxation benefits, stress relief, reduced headaches, increased energy, natural pain relief, alleviates fatigue,depression and pmt, aids digestive health, detoxification, relaxes muscles, aids general recuperation for wellbeing, reduced back ache and helps promote better sleep.


What is the Pax Vita Acupressure Mat ?

Pax Vita is a high quality cotton acupressure mat with tiny points attached to it. You lie, sit or stand on it, and the points stimulate the skin and pressure points, giving a very effective acupressure treatment.

Already very popular in Scandinavia for daily use this high quality acupressure mat is for everyone who wants to feel at their best through acupressure therapy. The Pax Vita helps increase natural endorphins levels and natural pain relivers. Amazingly one in every sixth person in Sweden has got an acupressure mat ! Can this many people be wrong?


Buy your Pax Vita mat today and get a £10 saving on the RRP of £49.95. Please note this offer can be withdrawn at any time so act today.


More Information

How do I use the acupressure mat and what benefits may I expect ?

You can sit, stand or lie on the mat or press it onto an area of pain.

The Pax Vita acupressure mat is simple and easy to use.

General use we recommend lying on it which is the most common approach. With this way most of the pressure points will get effective acupressure treatment and the overall effect will be a general acupressure treatment.

You may be surprised how quickly you can relax.

If you are looking for a deeply relaxing, healing and rejuvenating effect or natural pain relief use the Pax Vita acupressure mat for around15 minutes to feel the health benefits.

Many users claim that their pain completely disappears during their first use and does not return! Sensations that can be experienced when using Pax Vita range from mild pricking which is normal within the first few minutes to a soothing warmth which spreads around the whole body.

The healing and relaxing effects of Pax Vita will be felt from the first time. The mat can be used whenever you feel the need. Treatment can range between fifteen minutes to one hour .


What is the Pax Vita Acupressure Mat made of ?

Pax Vita is made of 100% natural cotton, filled with a thin layer of foam. 320 triangular "buttons" are glued onto the cotton. Each button has 27 nylon points. Pax Vita therefore has a staggering 6,048 acupressure points which are claimed to have a strong healing affect on both body and mind. The points are made of Nylon 6 a clean and resilient material.


Pax Vita mat facts:

  • Size: 67 x 42cm (26.4 x 16.5 inches)

  • 224 plastic/nylon buttons with 27 points each = 6,048 points

  • Cover: 100% Natural Cotton

  • Colours: Standard Blue.



"After having used the acupressure mat for more than four years on my patients, I know the benefits it brings. I ask all my patients to lay on it for at least 10 minutes before I treat them. This creates many positive reactions; increase of blood circulation to the back muscles, this helps me treat the underlying tensions easier. By laying on the Acupressure mat the hormone oxytocin is released, the blood pressure goes down and the patient is more relaxed for treatment.

The Pax Vita acupressure mat is the most durable I have used.

I recommend everyone to use the acupressure mat, as part of a treatment by professionals or at home for private use."

Marcus Wilse - Massage Therapists


"Great - I've got used to it! It's a super thing to help you relax - it just needs time to get used to. Thank you so much!"

Sue Atkins - www.positive-parents.com


" I have been using the Pax Vita mat with some of my clients, and on myself for a few months now. I often ask clients to stand on the mat to improve awareness of weight distribution on the soles of the feet, prior to performing standing balance exercises. It is very effective also at improving proprioception. Many clients with neck and upper body tension benefit from 5 or ten minutes lying down with the mat rolled up under their neck at the beginning of a session. In a nutshell, this mat is an effective, small portable addition to any Pilates studio."

Lucy Wintle - Canterbury Pilates


"PAX VITA has been a very welcome and invaluable boost to my health and well-being.I use it as a sleep and relaxation promoter every night and it banishes the muscle stress and neck pain that always builds up in my very busy and active life-towards the evening-lulling me into a deep and restful sleep-fab."

Alicia C


"An unusual product to try but I am glad I did, as I actually look forward to my 15 min lie down."

Ceri Wheeldon - Fabafterfifty.com


"I've never had acupuncture or acupressure before, but knew people who spoke of the benefits so when I was offered the chance to try the PaxVita mat, I was curious. At first it was slightly uncomfortable on my skin but once I relaxed into it and focused on being still and quiet, I was converted! I do it every evening for 20 minutes and no matter how stressful my day, it makes me feel relaxed and grounded again. Afterwards I feel warm and tingly and even a bit euphoric. I've even used it before big days at work and in the morning it makes me feel more lively and energised. I can't recommend it enough. Sitting at work all day gives me an achy back and neck and it's definitely improved since I started using it regularly. Give it a go!"

C Reed - London


Pax Vita acupressure mat - the perfect acupressure treatment.

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