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There are two types of popular rose oil available: Rose Otto, (attar of rose, attar of
roses) captured by steam distillation of the fresh petals of various types of roses, or rose absolute, this is obtained by solvent extraction using volatile chemicals such as petroleum ether and hexane, the later more often used in perfume. The two heavily scented species of roses used for their essential oil and rosewater qualities are: the Damask Rose (Soea Damascena) and the Cabbage Rose (Rosa Centifolia).

Rose otto is one of the most expensive oils and is recognised for its ability to calm and sooth; it is an antidepressant and very useful for skin care problems. The healing properties of rose oils have been used for tuberculosis, poor circulation and digestive problems, headaches, nervous tension, liver congestion, fevers and eye infections.

By: Lesley-Ann Sales - Utah, United States
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