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Why massage your feet? Sitting too long at a desk or too much time in the car or other forms of transport can make our feet sore and very uncomfortable; walking for a long time in fashion shoes or on hard pavements can equally make our feet weary and tired.

A gentle foot massage can make all the difference, massaging the foot can relieve tension in the muscles of the legs and feet, reduce congestion and swelling in the ankles and improve the circulation; another benefit from a good foot massage is that it is an excellent way of moisturising and softening the skin on your feet, where there can often be rough or hard skin.

A foot massage can also relieve mental tension and anxieties because it works some of the reflexology points on the feet. These points are linked by channels of energy to various parts of the body, and applying pressure to them often will soothe and energize much of your body.

Some benefits of a Foot Massage are:
Improved circulation
Toxin removal
Stimulated lymphatic drainage
Reduced stiffness
Improved flexibility
Improved flexibility
Accelerated physical healing
Stress relief
Improved sleep
Clarity of mind
Immune system boost
It is also recommended that soft music can provide the perfect catalyst to get you in the mood for a foot massage. There are many creams and oils available that can be used for a foot massage, please talk to your Reflexology Therapist for further help.

By: Lesley-Ann Sales - Utah, United States
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