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Individualised 3 month weight loss package

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Lose Weight, Gain Vitality!

Why “Diets” Don’t Work 

The word “diet” implies that you engage in a temporary eating regime designed to help you lose weight until a certain target weight is achieved.  Depending on the type of “diet” this will be more or less easy and successful.  But if previous eating patterns are resumed when the “diet” is over, the lost pounds (and often more!) tend to pile back on more quickly than they were lost.  This can lead to yoyo dieting which is unhealthy and frustrating. 

The only way to long term weight control is a permanent change to a healthier way of eating.  

"Achieve and Maintain your Healthy Weight" - individualised 3 month weight loss package 

This package is aimed at individuals who require help with establishing why they find it hard to lose weight.  There are a number of possible underlying imbalances that may contribute and the aim of nutritional therapy is to identify these imbalances and address them with a personalised nutrition programme which includes diet, supplements and other lifestyle advice as appropriate.  This package is not meant to be a three month “diet” but a programme to help you change your eating habits in a way to support healthy weight control. 

Nutritional therapy is a holistic approach and by addressing imbalances which have led to overweight clients often experience a greater feeling of vitality and wellbeing.

The individualised 3 months weight loss package includes:

The cost of this three months package is £180 and further follow-up consultations can be booked for a discounted rate of £40

  • Initial nutritional therapy consultation lasting approximately 1.5-2 hours
  • Two follow-up consultations lasting approximately 45 minutes.  One after one month, the second after another month.  Further follow-up consultations can be booked at a discounted price.
  • Your weight loss folder containing extensive general information on healthy eating for permanent weight control.
  • Personal report for each consultation summarizing what we discussed and my recommendations
  • An initial two week personalised menu plan with recipes and more menu suggestions and recipes if needed.
  • Weekly feedback by e-mail or telephone.
  • Monitoring of weight, waist circumference and body composition (fat/lean body mass). 








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