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Beyond The Matrix

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Why Study Beyond The Matrix?

  • You are bored with just scraping a living.
  • You think there is more to the inner workings of the Universe than traditional science explains.
  • You want a scientific explanation to what some people call Magic.
  • You desire a scientific explanation for how it is possible for NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy® to work.
  • You want your model of reality to be well and truly shaken!

What you will learn on Beyond The Matrix?

  • What quantum physics is.
  • The experiment that started it all.
  • The Observer Effect.
  • Schrodinger's Cat.
  • The Morphogenic Field.
  • The 100th Monkey Syndrome.
  • A quantum physics explanation for Carl Jung's
  • Perception is Projection.
  • The holographic nature of the Universe.
  • The holographic nature of dreams.
  • How to make a hologram.
  • The holographic nervous system.
  • Parallel Universe and how you create reality.
  • Cellular Memory.

How is Beyond The Matrix structured?

Beyond The Matrix was recorded before a live studio audience giving you the highest level of audio quality with the energy of a live training. David's delivery of the material uses much of what he knows of NLP and Hypnosis. Expect to enter altered states of consciousness whilst you learn. Many people in the audience experienced entering into a trance, time distortion and parallel realities!

What if I listen to Beyond The Matrix?

Expect to learn about physics in a way which is completely different than the way it is taught in school. You'll enjoy it and learn easily!

Also expect to have your model of the world, the Universe and your ideas about your place in it turned upside down, inside out, well and truly shaken and stirred. It can never be the same again!


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Beyond The Matrix
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