Chuut - New Anti Snoring Device

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Chuut - The New Anti Snoring Device


With an estimated 15 million people in the UK suffering from snoring problems the Chuut is now available in the UK as an effective anti snoring device to help relive the symptoms of snoring.

The three many reason why we may snore are because of either

* Air vibrating off the throat , nose and mouth.

* If you breath through your mouth only the air hits the back of your throat and causes vibrations which results in snoring.

* Small nasal passages prevent us breathing smoothly during sleep which can create a snoring effect.

The real sufferer however is usually the other bed partner who has the unlucky task of trying to get a good nights sleep which often they do not . The effects of this can result in insomnia and sleep disorders which can have major long term health risks and relationship breakdowns due to lack of sleep.

The Chuut is a clever anti snoring device that offers a unique way to tackle snoring. Most of the anti snoring devices on the market today are mouth guard like devices which can be large and uncomfortable. Unlike these mouth guard devices the Chuut is new breakthrough mouth guard because its very lightweight, comfortable and non restrictive which is important for a good night sleep .

The Chuut was launched in France in 2009 and has had massive anti snoring device success which has now now made it available in over 2000 French pharmacies.

Now its available in the UK and Silvertown Health is one of the first health retailers to offer this unique anti snoring device in the UK.


How does the Chuut work ?

It fits between the teeth and the inner lips to stop the jaw moving back. This helps breathing through the nose which helps reduce and often stop snoring. Depending on the individual this takes from several minutes to 3 nights to adjust to the Chuut.


Benefits of the Chuut to you.

* Effective anti snoring device

* Class I medical device

* Hugh success in France

* Less restrictive and more comfortable than other snoring devices

* Lightweight and soft and 100% natural

* Two in a pack gives upto 1 year of snoring treatment.

* Helps you get a better nights sleep for you and your partner.



More Information


1. Can I fall asleep with the Chuut in my mouth?


2. Any risk of swallowing the Chuut ?

No. The Chuut meets all relevant safety standards.

3. What is it made from ?

Allergenic silicon which has been approved.

4. Do I keep the Chuut in all night ?


Chuut the effective anti snoring device.




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Chuut - New Anti Snoring Device
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