Electro-Reflexologist ER-839S from OTO 173.87 VAT FREE. Lowest price in the UK

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The Electro-Reflexologist ER-839S from OTO is a compact, physiotherapeutic device developed by a group of doctors and electronic engineers in Korea. Based on traditional foot reflexology and acupuncture theories, it uses a safe and stable flow of low frequency electro-waves to stimulate reflex zones, nerves, acupoints, muscles and capillaries, helping one to achieve relaxation, better blood circulation, and enhance the body's natural healing power.

 The Electro-Reflexologist ER-839S is registered as Class 2A Medical Device CE, so if you suffer from a long term illness or disability, you may be eligible forVAT exemption

This amazing new device stimulates reflex zones, nerves, acupoints, muscles and capillaries. Use the Electro-Reflexologist ER-839S to:
• Relieve stress, fatigue, aches and pains. 
• Improve blood circlation and lymphatic drainage. 
• Promote better health and well-being.

 Human legs contain over 70,000 nerves, acupressure points, capillaries and an enormous number of muscles. The reflex zones under human feet accurately reflects our health status because each acupuncture point corresponds to different body organs and systems. Hence, it is necessary to protect our Window of Health. Taking care of our feet is the first step to regaining and maintaining our health.

Stimulating muscle contraction to increase blood flow, the Electro-Reflexologist ER-839S has helped thousands of people to improve their mobility and general wellbeing. Just 30 minutes a day while watching TV, reading or working at your desk will give you significant, long lasting improvement. 


Strong feedback from practitioners and users indicates that the Electro-Reflexologist ER-839S helps to treat and relieve the following conditions:

Swelling, fluid retention and numbness of lower limbs due to diabetes, reducing the risk of developing diabetes related complications such as eye, kidney, diabetic ulcers, heart complication. 
*Joint Pain 
*Peripheral Neuropathy 
*Post Stroke
Muscle contractions, cold limb due to poor blood circulation for stroke -related conditions. 
*Tennis Elbow 
Aches, pains, numbness and swelling due to rheumatoid arthritis. 
*Back Pain 
*Restless Leg Syndrome 
*Poor Circulation 
Cramps, cold hands or feet due to aging, lack of exercise and cold weather. 
*Irritable Bowel Syndrome 
*Varicose Veins 
Varicose veins due to long of hours of standing. 
*Deep Vein Thrombosis 
*Sleeping Disorder
Poor sleep quality due to stress. 
*Muscle Toning
Flabby abdominal, thigh and under-are muscles due to lack exercise. 
*Multiple Sclerosis 
*Aches and Pains 
Back pain, frozen shoulder, joint pain, tennis elbow and sciatica. 
*Fluid Retention 
Fluid retention in the lower limbs - swollen legs/ankles due to heart/kidney problems, standing/sitting too long. 
Environmental and work related stress.

Our price of £173.87 (For chronic conditions VAT Free) is the lowest in the UK.

We can also supply this product overseas 


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