Inner Sound Tuning Forks

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INNER SOUND Tuning Forks

Inner Sound sets of tuning forks are custom-made aluminum tuning forks that provide a stable and precision-tuned series of pure 5th intervals.

What is a Pure Fifth Interval?

A ‘pure 5th' is the naturally-tuned form of the musical interval known as the perfect 5th in which the frequency of the higher tone is exactly related to the frequency of the lower tone.

The pure 5th is an important element in nature, occurring frequently in the harmonic spectrum of the voice. It has an established tradition in sound healing and almost always appears in healing music compositions, whether ancient or modern.

The use of tuning forks in this interval produces an organized wave of movement throughout the body and is deeply relaxing. Profound relaxation helps our body regenerate and our energy system to balance and re-align more easily.

Pair 5 Tuners (2 forks) & their Effect - 60.00 GBP per set

Pair 5 Tuners comprises one pair of forks from the Spiral of Fifths set which balance the energy matrix of the heart (4th). This pair of tuning forks can be used in two ways: when used in a crossed sequence, the pair has primarily a ‘balancing' effect; when used in an uncrossed sequence, the pair has more of a ‘releasing' effect.

Pair 5 Tuners can be used in both ways consecutively in one treatment in whichever order feels most appropriate and can alleviate both physical and emotional discomfort.

Personal Tuners (3 forks) & their Effect - 110.00 GBP per set

The ‘Personal' Tuners set contains specific tuning forks from the Spiral of Fifths set which balance the energy matrices of the throat (5th) and mid-brow (6th). They enhance all forms of meditation exercises; ease ocular tension; improve hearing imbalances or stress-related conditions such as tinnitus. They are helpful in reducing mental stress and promote deep relaxation by releasing tension & balancing the two cerebral hemispheres.

OM Tuners (3 forks) & their Effect - 110.00 GBP per set

The OM Tuners are based on the OM frequency (136.1 Hz) and this set contains tuning forks calibrated at a pure 5th below and above this frequency. They are manufactured to the same specifications as our Professional Spiral of Fifths set.

OM Tuners help balance the 3rd energy matrix located in the solar plexus; they promote balance in the abdominal region helping to balance the function of the organs in this region of the body. They enhance ‘grounding' and creativity. They promote deep relaxation by releasing tension in the diaphragm, thus enhancing a naturally deeper breathing rhythm in the body.

The Spiral of Pure 5ths (13 forks) Set - 395.00 GBP

The wide range of frequencies within this set facilitates working at all levels of the organism, in the body from the feet to the head and throughout the entire energy system, including the chakras, energy channels, and electromagnetic field (also known as the aura). In professional use, they are an ideal complement to any therapy or techniques such as massage, body work or energy healing.

On a personal level they are excellent for managing stress, promoting relaxation, enhancing restful sleep, restoring physical vitality and improving many stress-related conditions or symptoms.

To buy Inner Sound Tuning Forks, please contact us by email on: info@inner-sound.co.uk
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60.00 - 395.00 GBP
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Inner Sound Tuning Forks

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