Bustcell - Natural Breast Enlargement & Anti Ageing Gel

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Bustcell –  A Premium Natural Bust Enlargement & Firming Gel 


Bustcell is a plant-based complex of ingredients that has been developed to support the natural process of lipid deposition in the skin giving fullness to the bust. The Bustcell formula has been  developed and fully tested by a leading European cosmetics company especially for application to the breast and cleavage area to assist female bust volumising, breast firming, anti ageing & skin smoothing effect.   

Why buy Bustcell ?

* Test proven with documented natural bust enhancement study results
* Volumising bust effect & improved cleavage fullness
* Skin smoothing, breast firming and wrinkle reducing effect
* Developed by a leading European cosmetics company
* Packaged, formulated and certified in the UK
* Plant based ingredient to support natural bust enhancement with no known side effects
* Great smelling fragrance
* Not tested on animals

What is in Bustcell ?

Its key active principle ingredients are

E s s e n t i a l  C e l l B o o s t  F a c t o r

This highly active bioferment from the green algae chlorella vulgaris and the proteins of the
white lupin is the vital cocktail of substances contained within Bustcell. This biosubstrate compensates acute skin cell deficiencies and stimulates skin processes which helps strengthen and tighten bust tissue.   

M a n g o s t e e n

A tropical fruit. The active ingredients in Bustcell are extracted from the skin of the fruit (pericarp) by means of a patented procedure. Composed uniquely of xanthones, flavonoids and alkaloids, its used to enhance the naturally provided capacity of lipid bust storage. The mangosteen is also known amongst other things for their potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Q u i n c e - h y d r o g e l

The quince is a fruit . The active ingredients in Bustcell is a highly concentrated quince-hydrogel, extracted from the seeds of the fruit by means of a gentle extraction procedure. Quince-hydrogel - with its film-forming and holding properties – supports the “supporting” function of the bust area by enhancing skin elasticity and assisting breast firming.

The additional regenerating, moisturising and protective properties of Bustcell smoothes the surface profile of the skin.

When the above ingredients are combined they work in synergy and have been shown in tests as beneficial for  -

* Bust volume effect to support natural bust enhancement
* More fullness to the cleavage
* Breast Firming effect
* Improved skin elasticity which firms & smoothes the skin surface. 

Does Bustcell work ?

In a single blind study with 66 participating women their bust & cleavage was applied with the same formula used in Bustcell for 84 consecutive days of use, once a day and once at night.

After applying the Bustcell formula gel for 84 consecutive days the average results were - 

Skin had smoothed significantly by 15.3 % after 28 days,

Bust volume increase was up 13% by 84 days of continuous use.  (14% = one cup size.)

Average Volume Increase over 84 days   -  (Day 28   7% )    ( Day 56  7% )     ( Day 84  13%) 

* The gel had a firming effect with skin elasticity improving by 10.8% in 28 days.  

Bustcell gives you the chance to improve the look and feel of your bust without surgery and in a more natural way. 

Questions & Answers

Q - How often should I use Bustcell ?

A - For best results you must use it twice a day. Once in the morning and then at night.

Q - How do I maintain any results ?

A - You must keep using if you want to maintain any gains you have made. In the study of 66 women who used the formula they were taking it for around 80 days before maximum  natural bust enlargement benefits showed on the successful users. 

Q - How long will a 45ml bottle last me and how do you use it ?
A -  A 45ml bottle will last around five – six weeks  depending on how much you use on
      each application . You just apply two to three pea size drops to each breast and rub in.

Q – I have had breast implants can I still use it?

A – Yes this unique gel will complement your implants.

Q – Who should not use Bustcell?

A -  If you are pregnant, breast feeding or under 18 years of age.

Q – Can men use Bustcell?

A – No. It’s not developed for men as men's breast skin tissue is different.

Q - Can I use it if I am on the contraceptive pill?

A – Yes. No lifestyle changes are required.

Q – I have sensitive skin can I still use it?

A – Yes. It can be used by all skin types. Bustcell is not toxic.

Q – Will I lose any sensitivity when using  Bustcell ?

A – No. There are no known side effects. Bustcell was tested for its eco-toxicology and toxicity, which revealed that it is not toxic, does not cause irritation and is highly bio-degradable

Q – Will Bustcell  improve the firmness of my breasts ?

A -   Yes  –  Subject to continual use the product showed in tests to support breast firming.  

Q – Is Bustcell 100% natural.

A – No . Bustcell is built around natural plant active ingredients but a very small amount of man-made ingredients has been added to help improve results which is totally safe and fully tested.

Q – Are any Bustcell results permanent ?

A – No. You must keep using to keep on top of any improvements.  

Q – Are any animals tested or used to produce Bustcell 

A - No .Bustcell does not contain ingredients of animal or mineral oil origin and is GMO- and CMR-free. The product  was not tested on animals and contains no pesticides. 

Q - Are results guaranteed 

A - No cosmetic product can guarantee favourable results to the individuals requirments  .When using Bustcell users may experience different results as in shown in the study tests. All results shown above in respect of volume and firming were the average result achieved by the 66 women in the study.  

Q -  The pump on the bottle is not as effective as it was in dispensing Bustcell ?

A -   The pump is a vacuum . Ensure the pump is tight on the bottle. It can loosen when using on a  regular basis which may result in pump failure until the pump is tightened again. As its a  vacuum pump it can take 4 – 6 pumps before the gel is released. 

Bustcell -  A natural breast enlargement and breast firming product made in the UK. 

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Bustcell - Natural Breast Enlargement & Anti Ageing Gel
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