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Selling Magically

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Why study Selling Magically?

Have you ever attempted to sell something intangible like consultancy, coaching, Breakthrough Sessions or NLP training in general?  How did it go?  If your experience was similar to most peoples, it didn't go very well!

Do you want to learn how to sell your skills to anyone, from an individual to a major corporate household name?

Do you want the personal security that comes from knowing you can pick up the phone at any time and make money?

Why should I study a programme like this with The Performance Partnership?

The Performance Partnership has been selling NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy ® , and C21st Magic for well over a decade.  We sell to individuals and corporates alike.  In the early days this was done exclusively by cold calling.  The absolute best training organisation to do this type of programme with is a sales driven company.  The number of people attending our range of trainings is testimony to the fact that we know how to sell. During this programme we will teach you to do what we do everyday.

What will I learn studying Selling Magically?

The Mind Set that Sells

  • Installing powerful beliefs about money and selling
  • Maintaining personal integrity and ecology when Selling Magically


  • How to get to speak to the right person
  • Cold calling scripts that get real results

Preframe to Inoculate Yourself Against the 4 Major Objections

  • Using linguistic presuppositions
  • Designing Time Release Suggestions

Presenting to Have Your Clients Buy

  • Hitting values based hot buttons
  • Establishing yourself as their preferred supplier
  • When and how to use the carrot or the stick
  • Using Meta-programming to subtly influence and create desire

Questions to Get The Sale

  • One-line openers
  • Uncovering the real outcome
  • Differentiating content and process questions
  • Discovering your client's Unique Buying Points
  • How to double your sales with just 3 questions

Closing Easily and Naturally

  • When to close at precisely the right time
  • Eliciting states of decisiveness

Handling Objections

  • The only 4 objections you'll ever get and how to handle them
  • Reframing objections elegantly with Sleight of Mouth Patterns
  • Using Advanced Conversational Change Techniques
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Selling Magically
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