The Diet Plate® The Complete Weight Management System

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Diet is a double edged word! There is diet¹ as to lose weight and diet² as to the choice of food that you put into your body, whether healthy or otherwise. Weight loss occurs when you lower your calorie intake and use more calories in energy this has been clinically proven time and time again.

The Diet Plate® system not only controls your calorie intake at the glance of an eye, (no need to count calories) but automatically by its design, redistributes the nutritional value of food directly on your plate, which means that, your diet² immediately becomes healthy, calorie controlled and nutritionally balanced. The calibrations are designed to give you a calculated amount of food to ensure weight loss, reducing your calories to approximately 1350 for the whole day’s intake.

It doesn’t matter what you eat, or how you cook it – a little of what you fancy does you good, calories will even out over the course of the week, whether you enjoy a chicken salad, a roast beef dinner or curry and rice. Never has getting your weight and food portions back under control been so simple. This plate works because of simple mathematics, the calibrated sections for starchy carbohydrates and protein is delineated by the tapes, the volume equals the weight of the food the weight of the food is equal to the calories therein.

Simple but ingenious, a weight loss of 2lbs a week is expected, but moreover, because the diet is rebalanced the benefits of a healthier lifestyle are also achieved. All products come with a 36 page booklet which includes the cereal list and weight loss chart. Complete Weight management system consist of a plate version of choice, male, female or magic (child’s) plus a calibrated cereal bowl.
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The Diet Plate® The Complete Weight Management System
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