The Reviber Plus

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The Reviber Plus

State-of-art exercise equipment in the comfort of your own home to improve your health and well-being to the next level.

Scientists produced vibration exercise as a great way for astronauts to exercise during space-flights to keep them fit and healthy. The many studies done using this type of body-conditioning exercise showed significant results in keeping fit and healthy.

Now this technology has been developed to produce The Reviber so you can now take advantage of this health and well-being designed equipment in your own home.


Some of the many benefits for you when using the Reviber will be:

1. Tones and strengthens all the main muscle groups.

2. Increased metabolism for healthy weight.

3. Helps reduce body fat.

4. Improves circulation to assist with cardiovascular health.

5. Proven to strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

6. Helps improve balance & posture, and increase bone density which is important for skeletal health.

7. Helps reduce cellulite.

8. Improves general well-being.

9. 14 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

These benefits to you are achieved with a centrally pivoted platform like a see-saw, which means one foot goes up while the other is going down, just like walking or running. This exercising action works right up to the highest abdominal muscles, and while you are having your legs, buttocks, and core muscles exercised by the movement of the platform, you can use the resistance bands to exercise your chest and arms. The Reviber Plus tones, strengthens, and shapes the body from tip to toe... legs, buttocks, core muscles, chest, arms... everything.

Now this state-of-the art technology is available to You, and the Reviber Plus even comes with a 14-day money back guarantee .The Reviber Plus only takes ten minutes every other day for maximum health benefit effects .It’s easy to use and is a great workout tool that can be used at home or in the office.


All you do is spend ten minutes doing passive exercise such as standing and sitting.

The Independent on Sunday said recently: “The Reviber Plus gives impressive results, is easy to use and is value for money."

Studies have shown that men find the vibration similar to the effect of explosive power training (jumping and bouncing).

Studies on women have also shown it’s as beneficial as going to the gym for strength and movement improvement.

The Reviber can be used in a variety of positions to concentrate on most major body areas for total well-being exercise.

Exercising your legs, buttocks & core muscles

Simply standing on the Reviber exercises the legs, buttocks, and all of the core muscles. The machine does all the work for you, right up to the highest abdominal muscles. With the Reviber’s resistance bands, you can also exercise your arms and chest to strengthen & tone your whole body.


Focus on Legs

The more you bend your knees, the more the effects concentrate in the legs and buttocks. The resistance bands are being used for arm curls to exercise the arms and all the supporting muscles in the torso.


Band Raises

Another way to exercise the upper body, particularly the shoulders and the lateral muscles in the upper back.


Trunk Twist - Holding both bands to the chest and twisting the hips will exercise the back muscles and intensify the abdominal workout.


Chest Exerciser - One arm at a time, pull a resistance band across the chest toward the bicep of the relaxed arm. This is a great exercise for firming the pectoral muscles.


The instruction manual comes with a comprehensive list of exercises.


What benefits will I get if I buy the Reviber Plus instead of the Reviber?

  • Large surface area allows for a greater variety of exercises than The Reviber.

  • 20% larger exercise area than The Reviber.

  • 15 speeds, adjustable timer, & remote control.

  • See-saw action for whole-body exercise.

  • Adjustable auto-programme.


The proven platform technology and the addition of the resistance bands, the Reviber Plus becomes the perfect indoor exerciser.

For improving your health and well-being, the Reviber Plus will help you achieve your goal and with a full 14-day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose by trying it out.

Price £249.99


More Information


For best results combine with a healthy eating plan.

  • Amplitude: 0 - 12mm

  • Frequency 0 - 30hz

  • 200kgs/31.5 stone weight capacity

  • Dimensions are: Boxed 66 x 56 x 30 Unboxed 61.5 x 51.5 x 21cm(h) Platform 49.5cm across with a depth of 31cm.

  • Weight: Boxed 19.5 kgs Unboxed 17.5kgs

  • Home fitness equipment  

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The Reviber Plus
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