The Salitair Pipe

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The Salitair Pipe


Are you one of the many who are suffering from:

Asthma or Bronchitis?

Allergies of the respiratory tract?

Respiratory problems caused by smoking?

Whooping cough, hayfever or heavy colds?


If so, help is at hand with a natural and clinically proven home therapy device called the Salitair Pipe. This clever natural remedy has been featured on ITV’s This Morning by Dr Chris Steele to highlight the benefits of this new natural respiratory aid to easier breathing.


What is The Salitair Pipe and how can it help me?

The Salitair pipe is a clinically proven salt mine therapy health product designed for those who suffer from respiratory disorders who want a safe 100% natural treatment in the comfort of their own home.

The Salitair pipe is filled with salt crystals which cleanse the cells of the respiratory system when used for beneficial effects. The sodium content of the salt induces self-cleaning mechanisms that flush away impurities from the surface of the cells and help clean the air passages.


Some of the many benefits

* Helps you breathe more easily.

* Assists with respiratory rehabilitation and helps cleanse the air passages for improved well-being.

* Reduces thickness of mucus to aid breathing.

* Drug-free, safe to use and only uses 100% pure natural salt crystals.

* No known side effects, clinically tested and registered as a natural medical device.

* Just use 15 minutes a day for positive results.

Improve your respiratory well-being the natural way with the Salitair Pipe.


Price - £19.95


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  • "I am a chronic sufferer of asthma, I have been using Salitair for about three months and have found a noticeable improvement in my asthma. I would highly recommend it to others who suffer from similar problems."
    Mr. T. Hand, Southampton


  • "Salitair is fantastic and not only has my health improved dramatically, I have also been able to give up my dependence on steroid drugs. I still carry my Ventalin as a precautionary measure, but amazingly, I have not had to use it for weeks. I am also delighted that for the first time since moving to this country, I have been free of using antihistamines. Salitair has in short, been the answer to all my respiratory and allergy problems."
    Mrs. F. Hammond



  • "There is no question that this innovative and drug-free product delivers exactly what it claims. For me, it almost completely eliminates the residual congestion that did not respond to steroids or ventalin. Despite being under an expert consultant and complying rigidly to all listed instructions, I have never been able to enjoy a cough-free day or night. I now sleep better and experience a vastly improved lung capacity during all activities as long as I use the pipe for ten mins am and five mins pm."
    Dr. Wildman - Malaga, Spain


  • "I think Salitair is wonderful. My daughter has coughed since birth, she is now 15. She has had various inhalers which do not seem to help. She has used the Salitair for two weeks and within three days her cough was gone and she now uses it to maintain this. The other thing that is wonderful is no chemicals. I cannot praise this product enough."
    Christine Gillgrass - Heckmondwike


  • "I have been using Salitair for just over two weeks now and it is great. I have had breathing problems for some years but now I have clear nasal passages and I have my sense of smell back! Thank you, and to Dr Chris!"
    Derek Bower - Doncaster




Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I use Salitair?

A Salitair can be comfortably held in the hand; insert the pipe into your mouth and inhale through your mouth. You do not need to inhale more deeply than during normal breathing. You should then exhale through the nose as this ensures that the complete respiratory tract is thoroughly cleansed and prevents any moisture from your breath going back into the pipe. You may experience increased expectoration after use of Salitair which shows the effectiveness of the device as it cleans the respiratory tract. Salitair should be used continuously for 15 minutes daily.


Q Is Salitair suitable for children?

A Salitair can be used by a person of any age so long as they are able to inhale through the mouth and exhale through the nose.

Q Can I still take my current medication?

An As Salitair contains only natural ingredients there are no side effects and it can be used alongside any current medication.

Q Will Salitair affect my blood pressure?

A No, the amount of sodium that enters the body is very low and will not affect blood pressure. Most of it is expelled through the nose.


Q How do I clean and store Salitair?

A It is important not to store Salitair in places of high humidity such as in the bathroom, and it should not come into contact with water. Salitair has been uniquely designed to allow you to periodically replace or refill the salt chamber enabling you to empty and clean the entire unit for maximum levels of hygiene. Replacement packs of salt can be purchased from Silvertown Health .

Allergy relief.



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