Total Digestive Support

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Total Digestive Support - 90 Vegi Capsules

Your digestive system works very hard to ensure that the food and drink you consume is used in the most efficient manner for optimum health. When the digestive system is not working as well as it should this can have a negative effect on the immune system due to the body not digesting the nutrients it needs properly.

This may then lead to long term health problems. For this reason digestive health is very important for general wellbeing and good health.

Some of the main symptoms of a poor digestive system are

* Bloating & Trapped Wind

* Heartburn

* Skin Conditions


* Regular abdominal cramping , tummy upsets and diarrhoea

*Weakened Immune System

* Lack of energy

* Regular Constipation

So why can you suffer from poor digestion ?

The main reasons are

* Growing older – The digestive system slows down

* Food choices – Some foods are very difficult for the digestive system to digest especially processed food.

* Stress – Stressful lifestyles can impact on the digestive system

What is Total Digestive Support and how will it help me ?

Missing those vital nutrients from your food due to poor digestion can have a real impact on your health. To help assist your digestion Total Digestive Support from Silvertown Health has been developed by a top UK supplement formulator to provide a first class natural supplement to aid digestive health.

Its a wide range of natural plant derived digestive enzymes well known for their positive food digestion activities. Also included are gut soothing herbs . Digestion enzymes aid and support the digestion of food naturally helping to breakdown food in a healthy way helping to keep your digestive system working as it should.

The gut soothing herbs of ginger & peppermint which are also included are known for their soothing digestion abilities . The digestion enzymes included in Total Digestive Support may play a key role in your digestive health .

Many health supplement providers just have single digestive enzymes in their products . Not Total Digestive Support its loaded with all the top digestive enzyme herbs for maximum digestive support of proteins , fats and carbohydrates to aid healthy digestion and long term health.

Look after your digestion health but Total Digestive Aid today

Price £ 13.97 (90 Caps)

Ingredients per capsule & Use

Betalin HCL - 100mg

As we age we can produce less hydrochloric acid which is needed to digest nutrients especially protein . Supplementing the digestive system with Betalin a digestive enzyme which contains hydrochloric acid is important to assist the digestive process .

Bromelain - 75mg

Is an enzyme from the stem of pineapples which has a wide following as a digestive enzyme to aid the digestion system and help enhance the absorption of nutrients from our food & drink. Some studies are now saying that it can also help deal with inflammation of the joints.

Papain 50mg

Is from the melon like tropical plant Papaya . Rich in Vitamins A , C & E this digestive enzyme assists the digestion process and also helps ease acid indigestion.

Protease 50mg

One of the most difficult substance for the digestive system to digest is protein . If protein is not digested properly this can have a negative effect on health . Protease is a crucial digestive enzyme which helps assist the digestion of protein.

Amylase 45mg

Amylase is present in saliva and the pancreative digestive juices this digestive enzymes aids the breakdown of starch found in foods like potatoes and rice into important sugars required for use in the body.

Lipase 40mg

This excellent digestive enzyme secreted in the digestive tract is used for the breakdown of fats & oils into fatty acids for conversion into the blood stream . Also aids digestion caused by over eating fatty foods

Apple Cider Vinegar – 30mg

Apple cider is a type of vinegar made from cider which has many quoted digestive benefits. It is seen to improve digestion especially proteins , balances the digestive juices and enhances hydrochloric acid crucial for good digestion. Apple Cider Vinegar is also packed with 19 different healthy minerals.

Caraway Seed - 10mg

Caraway seed is from the Caraway plant which is grown in many parts of the world. Caraway seeds are seen to be beneficial for indigestion , flatulence , colic conditions and IBS .

Chamomile 10MG

Part of the sunflower family Chamomile is said to be beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract. It is said to assist and aid nervous stomach & stomach causing cramp due to poor digestion.

Fennel Seed 10mg

Well known for its digestive assistance the fennel seed is said to be beneficial in relaxing the stomach lining with respect to stomach upset , alleviating stomach acid and reducing the bloated feeling.

Ginger 10mg

Great for stomach spasm reduction and gut soothing . Said to help calm the stomach and aid digestions . Its is also full of Vitamins , Minerals , Amino Acids and essential fatty acids important for good health.

Peppermint 10mg

Another well know gut soother which aids digestion and is helpful for bloating and indigestion conditions. Peppermint helps relax the muscles of the digestive system and stimulate stomach bile needed to help ease stomach cramps & upsets.

Turmeric 10mg

More and more is been learned about the health benefits of Turmeric which is a herb plant native to India . It is said to stimulate the digestive tract , aid the relief of indigestion and help with the digestion of Sugars & Fats.

Recommended Use

* Take 1 to 3 capsules with each main meal

* For best results take continuously

Size 00 vegetable cellulose capsule . Contains NO: Gluten, Wheat, Lactose, added Sugar, Artificial Colourings or Yeast .Suitable for vegetarians

Available from
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Total Digestive Support
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