Vortex Cards & Vortex Energy Sprays

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VORTEX CARDS uses a revolutionary technology to bring balance & harmony to our body and environment. These highly energised magnetic cards work both on the inner and outer environment and offers protection against geopathic stress and electromagnetic radiation that emitted from mobile phones, high tension wires, electrical appliances etc.

They also assist in balancing our food, water, air, homes and workplace. Like the physical body, the energy in our homes can become blocked due to electromagnetic disturbances, geopathic stress and negative energy from people. By placing cards in our home on specific gateways or access points, harmony can be restored, and health and vitality enhanced.


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Some examples of the cards are the PERSONAL PROTECTOR, which can be worn in a PENDANT, protects us in our daily life, whether at home, working in front of a computer or travelling on the underground.

The RAINBOW CARD is placed in the home to balance and harmonise all electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress.

The MOBILE CARD helps to protect against the invasive energies emitted from the phone and bring us back into harmony.

These are just a selection of the cards, which work not only in the environment, but also used on the body to assist in raising the body's frequency and bringing about deep healing.

VORTEX ENERGY SPRAYS -  These were created to balance the body at all levels of being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. They work on the principle of energy medicine, working on the vital forces and subtle energy fields at the level of cause. As these fields are balanced, the physical body naturally comes into balance. Each contain the same ingredients, but have been energised with unique and individual identities and deal with different aspects of life.

VORTEX NECTAR has been energized to balance, centre and expand the auric field as well as the chakras. As a result the common experience has been the alignment of the physical structure. Pains that are associated with structural misalignment tend to disappear, the body feels energized and the mind uplifted.

VORTEX THERAPEUTIC has been energized to strengthen the immune system and is commonly used when there is severe imbalance in the body systems and organs.

VORTEX N-DURANCE helps to strengthen the person physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is useful for those needing strength and endurance in athletics or experiencing fatigue. It is helpful for those feeling emotionally or mentally exhausted.

VORTEX TRANQUILITY has been energized to calm the nervous system and the body systems. It aids in relaxation, stress and sleep.

VORTEX BODY SLIM helps to stimulate the metabolism and addresses the emotional issues around food. It also helps the body digestion and assimilation.

These can be purchased through the LIFE ALIGNMENT UK coordinator: Cherry Tyfield on 020 8449 5751 or email: lifealignment@tyfield.com or browse our website for further information on our products on http://www.life-alignment.com

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Vortex Cards & Vortex Energy Sprays

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