Reviber Bodywave - Revolutionary home exercise equipment for optimum wellbeing

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Chi Machine

The Reviber Bodywave

New to the UK !

State-of-art home exercise equipment for total health & wellbeing.

The Reviber Bodywave is a major breakthrough for anyone wanting to achieve natural health and mental well-being from the comfort of their own home or office.

The Reviber Bodywave ? what is it ?

Its the new upgraded and superior model which replaces the popular and successful Zen Chi . The Reviber Bodywave has taken many months to perfect its design to produce a motion through the recumbent body, similar to a swimming fish. This relieves compression from between the vertebrae and reduces stress and tension on the spine. This type of exercise has been shown to help reduce many symptoms of poor health and help improve well-being including fluid retention, poor circulation, varicose veins, stress, regular headaches, back and muscle pain etc.

The Reviber Bodywave smart exercising method should give you benefits immediately.

The beneficial effects of Chi (energy) stimulating exercise cannot be overstated. If you suffer from lack of exercise, stress, back pain, poor circulation, nervous tension or menstrual pain the Reviber Bodywave may be able to help alleviate these common health problems.

What are some of the health benefits the Reviber Bodywave can give me ?

  • No-impact, and no-effort exercise.

  • Helps relieves back and muscle tension.

  • Relaxes the mind & energises the body for improved well-being.

  • Increases blood circulation which is important for a healthy heart and cardiovascular health.

  • Increases lymphatic circulation to aid healthy body detox.

  • Helps relieves muscle tension that may cause migraine.

  • Use only twice a day for 15 minutes to get the maximum benefit.

  • Helps reduce stress levels in the body

  • Can also aid rehab after operation or injury.

  • Excellent exercise for the joints due to non impact

  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee - See Terms & Conditions.

  • Five-year Motor & Two- year Labour and Electrical Warranty.

How do I use it?

To exercise with the Reviber Bodywave you just simply lie down with your feet in the Reviber Bodywave cradle and then set the timer for the desired length of exercise. Your whole body will rock from side to side as if you are being massaged and the more you relax the greater the effect. As this is a non-impact exercise movement it?s excellent on the joints . The Reviber Bodywave can be used by men and women of any age providing you do not suffer from heart disease, have a pacemaker, or are pregnant.

Improve your wellbeing today and energy levels and buy the Reviber Bodywave today.

TRY IT WITH NO RISK ! Such are the impressive feedback from users of the Reviber Bodywave, a 14-day money back guarantee is on offer so you can try it risk-free. Start your new health regime today.


As a busy osteopath I find the Reviber Bodywave fantastic on a number of levels. It is extremely popular not just amongst the patients but also my members of staff and indeed my family. 

Paul Brown Bsc (Ost), Osteopath

I bought this machine on the advice of a fellow practitioner, it is in daily use, and the benefits are very noticeable to me and all my patients with feedback like: Higher energy levels, more relaxed, movement in spinal stiffness, neck/shoulder release, peristalsis movement, digestive benefits, the weight lifting off their mental/emotional problems.

Jacqueline Newman, Naturopathic Healthcare Practitioner.

After having 2 children the veins at the back of my left leg, above & below the knee, became varicose & prominent. At the time they gave me no pain but more recently an irritation developed in these veins. Since using your Reviber Bodywave regularly the swelling has become considerably less noticeable & the pain has gone. I now no longer have to hide away in trousers as I have the confidence to wear dresses & skirts again.

Mrs Julie Croft, Blackpool.


Voltage: 220 - 240V

Frequency: 0.3amp 50HZ

Weight 6kg


Reviber Bodywave . Chi Machine.

Available from
01772 466182

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