Zen Tens Machine - Natural Pain Relief

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The Zen Tens Machine Pain Reliever


If you are one of the many who suffer from regular pain from common health problems like back and joint pain for example, you will know that it can have a real effect on your health and lifestyle.

TENS machines are now often recommended by GPs and physiotherapists to be used for effective, natural and safe pain relief.


What is a TENS machine?

In simple terms, it's a device that works by blocking the pain signals to your brain by producing endorphins in your body which are the body's own natural pain-relieving chemicals. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator's (T.E.N.S) produce electrical impulses that are sent through the electrodes which are strategically placed over the area of pain. Pain signals to the brain are blocked by the T.E.N.S. interrupting the brain's awareness of pain. Stimulation of the nerves then activate endorphins which are used by the body to reduce pain in a natural way.


How can the ZEN TENS help me?

This T.E.N.S therapy can help relieve chronic or acute pain such as back pain, sciatica, sports strains & sprains, muscle injuries and aching joints.

The Zen TENS machine is a leading TENS machine with an array of great features designed to give you the best possible natural pain relief in the comfort of your own home.

The Home Masseur is a dual channel TENS device and should not be mistaken for a single channel device. With a dual channel device you can use four electrodes simultaneously, instead of just two. This enables you to have pain relief sent to a much wider area of the body like the back, shoulders, arms and legs.

With the Zen TENS you also get -

Three massage modes which are rubbing, tapping and kneading; these modes are sometimes referred to as burst, normal and modulation.

The massage modes can be used as part of the automatic programs, or can be controlled manually by you.

The Zen TENS is also a Registered Class 2a Medical Device

Unlike most TENS machines it is a registered medical device in Europe and the UK (Medical Devices Directive), approval in the U.K and Europe.

The Zen benefits to YOU

* Helps relieve pain in a safe and natural way.

* Dual device giving more relief to wider area of the body than cheaper single device TENS machines.

* Three massage modes for extra relief and relaxation.

* Approved medical device.

* Can be used in the comfort of your own home.

Don't let pain get you down. Buy the Zen TENS machine today.

More Information

  • Contents

1 x T.E.N.S control unit

2 x Sets of 2 pads (total 4 pads)

2 x Electrode leads (2 electrodes can be attached to each lead)

1 x Set of batteries

1 x Instruction manual

Guarantee is 12 months

Weight of T.E.N.S unit is 200 grams

Dimensions of T.E.N.S unit are 13cm x 12.8cm x 2.5cm

Dimensions of box are 21.6cm x 16.4cm x 4.7cm

Voltage is 3V

Frequency is 1-100Hz

Power is AAA/ 1.5V*2 (batteries included)


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Zen Tens Machine - Natural Pain Relief
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