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Blending Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils

When blending oils always remember to perform a patch test. Use carrier oils like jojoba, grapeseed or almond, and be sure to ask your client if they are allergic to nuts when using almond oils.

Play with the blends and prepare them with your client's best interests. They may have allergies or have negative reactions to some mixtures. Use carrier oil to dilute the mixture until the client is comfortable with that particular blend.

Always bear in mind that pure therepeutic oils are much stronger than synthetic oils.

Some oils will solidify when stored at low temperatures. Once they reach body temperature, they will return to a liquid state. If you store oils in a refrigerator, give the oil plenty of time (several hours) to return to a liquid form. Place your oils in an area where pets and children cannot reach them. Since essential oils are very concentrated, it could make a child or pet sick if much of it is ingested. The orifice reducer is also a good child proof safety device. It might be a good idea to purchase a storage box so that the oils are all in one place and away from extreme temperature changes. When you decide you are ready to use your essential oil, it is important that you do not contaminate it. Donít touch the top of the bottle or the inside of the lid. Try not to get the essential oils on your skin, since they can cause irritation. When you do apply it to the skin, dilute it first with a good quality carrier oil such as jojoba, almond or olive oil.

By: Dolores Gozzi - Fort Myers, USA


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