Hip Protectors

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Soft Hip Protectors

HipSaver Soft Hip Protector

Hip protectors reduce the risk of fall related hip injuries and hip fractures in the elderly people at risk of falling.

Biomechanically tested with numerous successful studies and trials in care homes in the UK nationwide and globally, HipSaver soft hip protectors are indisputably effective in the prevention of hip fractures and other fall related hip injuries.

Importantly, HipSaver® soft hip protectors have been found by the elderly people to be superior to hard shell hip protectors in terms of comfort, acceptance, usability and compliance.

HipSaver® soft hip protectors cater for the needs of the elderly people (i.e.  Incontinence, poor grip, compromised balance) and the needs of their carers (i.e. easy dressing, easy washing, durability).

HipSavers are designed for ‘day & night' wear. Made in several styles, male and female versions and in seven sizes for comfort and fit, HipSavers are ‘machine wash and dry' at high temperature.

Additionally, HipSaver hip protector range includes outer garments HipSaver Acitvs Long Casual Pants. HipSaver Activs feature the same soft watertight protective pads permanently incorporated into long casual trousers perfect for active elderly people.     

HipSavers are cost effective and affordable.   

HipSaver® is a Class 1 Medical Device.

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Hip Protectors
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