Bedside Fall Out Mat

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FallSmartTM Bedside Fall Out Mats 

FallSmart Bedside Fall Out Mats can help to prevent injuries, when people accidentally fall out or roll out of beds or deliberately climb over bed rails.

When placed on the side of a bed, FallSmart bedside fall out mats provide a soft and a ‘force attenuating' surface that absorbs the impact of the fall.  

FallSmart Bedside Fall Out Mats - protecting people from the injuries caused by falling or rolling out of bed! 

FallSmart bedside mats are made from a single layer of dense foam that is encapsulated in a soft PVC material. The foam is sufficiently soft to protect persons from the effects of falling out of bed, but firm enough to provide support, when standing or walking over the mats.

FallSmart bedside fall out mats are made in high visibility colours - yellow, cerise and lime green - and have specially tapered edges to minimise the risk of staff or patients tripping over the mats, while in use.

FallSmart Bedside Fall Out Mats can be folded for easy storage. They are made from flame resistant foam covered in flame retardant and crack & tear resistant soft PVC. The bedside fall out mats are waterproof, fluid proof, stain resistant and easy to care for by ‘wipe and dry' with moist soft cloth.   

Each bedside fall out mat measures 180 cm long x 90 cm wide x 5 cm thick and weighs 9.5 kg.         

Durable, highest quality and practical - FallSmart bedside fall out mats last for many years and present an excellent 'value for money' investment for your care home or hospital.

FallSmart bedside Fall Out Mats are individually hand made with 12 months quality guarantee on materials and workmanship.    

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Bedside Fall Out Mat
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