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Practitioner Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy

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Our Practitioner Advanced Diploma Course follows on seamlessly from the Foundation Diploma Course and Intro into Practice Diploma Course. It is designed for anyone interested in becoming a professional homeopath. Our highly regarded cutting-edge programme instils the expertise and knowledge for becoming a confident and successful homeopath.







In the course we continue to develop many of the concepts learnt in the Foundation Diploma Course and Intro into Practice Diploma Course but with the emphasis on increasing your skills in case receiving, analysis and prescription, to prepare you for practice. Various approaches are given to help you unravel cases, such as group classifications and elemental archetypes. We encourage the use of creative ideas such as these as they often tell us as much about ourselves as they do about the subjects being studied.

Detailed casework takes place using material generated from the extensive library of recordings at the School of Homeopathy. Various models for case analysis are explored, with lecturers presenting those that they have found particularly useful in their practice. These case studies enhance understanding enormously. They encourage the closest scrutiny that in turn leads to an awareness of what needs to be cured and the subsequent establishment of a relevant hierarchy of symptoms. Use of the repertory and differential comparison of materia medica then leads to a selection of the most appropriate remedy.

Book List One and Two are required for this course plus we highly recommend Book List Three for the later study units. Alongside the Practitioner Advanced Diploma Course you will also be required to complete Alternative Training's Pathology & Disease Diploma Course unless you already have equivalent training.

"The School of Homeopathy will always have a very special place in my heart. Not only because of the beauty of the house and garden and the depth of our study of the healing art of Homeopathy, but also the love and the humour that we all shared. I know that what I gained from both you and the place and being part of our community of students transcends what can be learnt in any curriculum. It was the beginning of a journey for me that is, of course, still ongoing. It was not just Homeopathy that we were learning, it was healing itself and this has flowed into the very furthest reaches of my being."
Vanessa, 1990

Becoming a Practitioner
Case-work under supervision is the crucial aspect of the Practitioner Advanced Diploma and your development as a homeopath. We ask you to take at least ten cases with follow-ups over a period of at least one and a half years. During this time you work closely with your supervising practitioner. You contract separately with your supervisor, supervision fees are not covered in the price of this course.

You and your supervisor will undertake a thorough and progressive evaluation of your skills, an important part of which will be your own reflection of what is being learned from each case-taking and about your practice in general.

These cases, their follow-ups and ongoing prescriptions, will be assessed on an on-going basis and then again as a case portfolio at the end of your study. By demonstrating professional competence and appropriate academic standards the School of Homeopathy's Practitioner Advanced Diploma, DSH is awarded.

Home study or attendance:
You have the option of doing the course by home study or attendance. Attendance is only available in the UK, home study can be done from anywhere in the world. The clinical training aspects of the home study program alter depending on the region your studying from (see below).

Following on from the Introduction into Practice Course.
Time: 2 Years with the option of a one year extension in supervised practise.
Study: 20 School study weekends with assignments (plus one or two extra if you opt for the extra year), 20 clinic days, case-work under supervision with presentation of clinical portfolio and undertaking a proving.

Attendance Provings
During the attendance course you will embark on a homeopathic group ‘proving’ of an unknown remedy. Analysis of the experiences leads to the birth of a new remedy, because we are the living instruments through which it expresses its healing powers. The results of our endeavours are regularly published and comprise a growing library of additional information in homeopathic materia medica. Participation in provings also develops skills of perception and personal process, and deepens our understanding of homeopathic philosophy and methodology (For information about our provings, visit our website www.homeopathyschool.com).

Attendance Optional fifth year (1 or 2 weekends)
In addition to being an extended farewell and providing the newest insights into practise, this year can also counts towards the CPD requirement for your Society of Homeopaths application. It may also be a buffer. If you, your supervisor or the School would like more time for you to complete all course requirements including medical sciences, then your study and/or supervised practie may be extended, allowing up to a full further year to catch up before diploma and registration.

Home study
Following on from the Introduction into Practice Course. UK students transfer to the attendance course (see Attendance), International students continue with home study.
Time: 2 Year (4 Year study period given).
Study: Units 15-18 with assignments, 1 Tutorial, plus direct learning, case-work under supervision with presentation of clinical portfolio.

Home study students have a minimum of 1 tutorial per year, but are invited to do more.

All students attend a minimum of 100 hours clinical observation through direct learning. Clinics keep you in touch with the newest case analysis techniques and up-to-date practise information. Teachers facilitate students as they progress towards autonomy and confidence in practise.

North American students attend one regional seminar and workshop, held in either America or Canada. Over the duration of all the full programme North American students attend a minimum of 3 seminars and 2 workshops so you have the required clinical hours for registration with the Council of Homeopathic Certification CHC. Australian students attend 40 hours of 'Australian Register of Homeopaths (AROH) approved' face-to-face clinical sessions in Australia. Over the duration of the full programme Australian students attend 120 hours of direct learning for registration with AROH or Australian Traditional Medicine Society ATMS. Students fromEurope or theRest of the World attend a 7 Day Summer School in May/June at the School of Homeopathy in the UK. Over the duration of the full programme, students from Europe or the Rest of the World attend a minimum of two 7 Day Summer Schools ensuring the required 100 clinical hours of direct learning. To read more about the School’s face-to-face activities go the the events area.

All home study students are welcome to join attendance course School weekend sessions by prior arrangement.

Clinical supervision through home study is completed in one and a half years. There are two options: 1. You find a local homeopath for direct clinical contact and supervision. 2. You use one of the supervisors from our network. Should he/she be distant from you, then you may consider e-mail and telephone communication.

You can read about courses in full in the dedicated regional sections of the website:
Rest of the world


10-Sep-2010 - 17-Jun-2013


10:00 am - 6:00 pm


Practitioners Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy


Year one £1775


School of Homeopathy


Distance Learning


Tel. 0800 0439 349 or 01453 765 956



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