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There are many different types of Therapists operating throughout the world specializing in various areas of health and nutrition.   

Finding a therapist or practitioner can sometimes be a challenge, especially if it your first time looking for help with a particular problem.   In order for your partnership with a therapist to be a success, there must be honesty, trust and rapport, this only happens after you have spent time in building your relationship with the therapist.   

A therapist that shares your personal beliefs about the nature of phobias and their treatment often will have a better connection with you than one who does not. Recommendations are a best source of referrals to which type of therapist to use. Therapists can often specialize in more than one area of health expertise; this can be an advantage to the patient because a wider scope of experience can be realized by one finding a therapist who has more experience.   

There are many specialized fields of counseling including addictions, personal and marriage and family relationships and community mental health etc. Usually these specializations require additional training and certifications.   Worldwidehealth.com has a ranking system on the website that can help you identify those therapists that may have more experience and years in the business, which may be helpful in aiding you to make your choice.

Some counselors have training in fields such as addictions or techniques such as art therapy; psychotherapists come from diverse disciplines, including psychiatric nurses, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists. Remember that each therapist tailors their treatment to the individual therefore your treatment plan may be quite different than a friend's, even if you see the same therapist.

This information may be helpful to you when making a choice to use a therapist.

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