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Hair and Nails, Keep Them Healthy and Pretty
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It's important to many of us to have our hair and nails looking perfect at all times. Especially when the weather turns warm and we bare our toes with sandals. We not only have our fingernails to keep healthy and looking great, we have our feet and toenails, as well. But, there are a lot of conditions that can make accomplishing this difficult.
 One of the things that effects both our hair and nails and touches us all is age. Not everyone, but most, begin to turn gray at some point in time. Some people's hair begin turning gray quite young. Melanin is a natural substance produced by our hair follicles that gives our hair it's color. Generally, as we age, the follicles produce less of this substance causing our hair color to begin fading and, eventually, turning gray or white.
 Age can also effect the thickness of our hair. As we age, our hair doesn't grow as quickly as it does when we're young. One hair lives for about 4 or 5 years, then it falls out and is replaced by another. The hairs that grow in to replace those that fall out in the elderly, tend to be fine, similar to baby's hair. Some follicles stop producing hairs completely, which cause the hair to begin to thin. Lack of nourishment will contribute to these conditions.
 Our nails also change with age. They tend to loose some of their natural luster and strength, becoming somewhat brittle and dull. As with the hair, nails can begin to grow more slowly as we age. Some people develop ridges in their nails due to age, but they can also be the result of a health conditions, one being arthritis.
 Vitamin deficiencies can also play a extremely strong part in our nail health. Lack of Vitamin B will cause the nail to become fragile and cause horizontal and vertical ridges to develop. Ridges in the nails can also be a symptom of a possible infection. A deficiency in Vitamin A and calcium can cause the nail to become dry and brittle, allowing them to break easily and often. If you don't have enough B12 in your system, your nails may become extremely dry, dark, and grow rounded and curved at the end. Anemia can cause the nail to turn upward, shaped like a spoon, hence the name, spoon nails. Kidney disease, liver disease and diabetes are are illnesses that have dramatic effects on the hair and nails.
 To keep nails as healthy as possible, always keep cuticles and hangnails trimmed. If you wear closed-toe shoes, make sure they fit properly and leave enough room for the toes not to be crushed together. Always keep your toenails trimmed straight across. If you tend to have brittle nails, keep your fingernails shorter and stay away from heavy coats of polish. Obviously, don't bite your nails. A clear coat of polish that has a protein base will help strengthen your nails.
 To rejuvenate the skin, strengthen and nourish the nails, and strengthen and fortify the hair, select an herbal formula that contains all the vitamins and minerals in one dose. Select one that combines the biotin, calcium, silica, and zinc that benefits the hair, nails, and skin. Choose one with natural ingredients of bringraj, kelp, rose hips, moringa seed, red raspberry leaf, pumpkin seed, and cayenne pepper. Remember, the hair falls out, looses color, and becomes thin due to age, and nails slow their growth, but also due to malnutrition. Feed them well, and they will be healthier longer.

Suzanne VanDeGrift has developed this article, on behalf of Dherbs.com. Dherbs offers specially formulated herbal supplements for stronger hair, nails and skin.

By Suzanne VanDeGrift Health Researcher/Writer
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