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Rebirth of Mesopuncture
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Rebirth of Mesopuncture (Injection in Acupuncture) (and Birth of BMN)

Around twenty years ago, for the treatment of certain diseases, one of our staff physicians was in the habit of proceeding in two steps while treating, for example, obesity or cellulite:
* Insertion of acupuncture needles into the elected acupuncture points.

* Removal of the acupuncture needles and injection of some drops of distilled water or salt saline solution into the acupuncture points with a needle-syringe to enhance and prolong the action of acupuncture.

The desk research found about acupuncture point injection (hypodermic injection)

At that time, we found:

** Two publications, in France:

1) An article "Acupuncture Chemical" relating how to treat the musculoskeletal pain by Xylocaine injected into the acupuncture points.

2) A second article about "A new art of healing, the Mésopuncture" describing how to treat various health disorders by injecting homeopathic or allopathic drugs into the acupuncture points.
 Note please, in that case as in the following, the drugs do not act directly on the disease but have a general action only.

** Three articles, in china, three articles in "Synthesis of the works, Beijing Symposia, 1979" and a chapter in the "Handbook of Chinese acupuncture" published by the Academy of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Beijing, for French students.

Three articles

* Analgesic effect of saline injection at auricular points in tooth extraction.

* Improvement of acupuncture anaesthesia effects by synchronous stimulation and point blocking method.

* Clinical observation of 360 cases of infantile paralysis treated by acupuncture and point injection, Fujian college.

a chapter

 which title is: « The therapeutic by injection into the acupuncture points". In this chapter from the French handbook of the Chinese Acupuncture, we may read a description of the fluid [or liquid or mechanical or chemical] stimulus of the acupuncture point or mesopuncture, by injecting through a needle and a syringe, a product into this acupuncture point.

After a short abstract about how to proceed when injecting into the acupuncture points, we found a list of various products to inject: Vitamins, medicine meeting defined diseases, salt saline solution, distilled water, medicinal products from traditional Chinese medicine.


* Injection of medication into the acupuncture point was made official by the Chinese Medicine.

* Some limited applications are noted:

- Only one point or a small number of points was concerned.

- A second needle (with the syringe) was inserted into the same acupuncture point. 

- Products injected being able to be without therapeutic effect.
- The volume injected was important.
* It was difficult and uncomfortable to use the syringe and needle in both acupuncture and mesopuncture.
* In this unusual case, the decubitus was impossible.

The emergence and efflorescence of mesotherapy (dermic injection)

Mesotherapy emerged at the same time.

The action of the mesotherapy is based on the intrinsic therapeutic properties of drops of medicine injected into the dermis and creating the mesotherapy points which are micro-reservoirs of medicine.

•       The volume injected, to create the mesotherapy points, is considerably reduced (a few drops).

•        The number of injected points is not limited.

•          The product injected has a direct therapeutic action on the affection in question.


•         Two well delimited areas with two well different needles.

The Therapist in Mesotherapy inserted into the dermis, the hollowed needle of a syringe or equipment.

The Therapist inserted, in Acupuncture, compact needles or/and hollowed needles of a syringe, into the hypodermis.

Evolutions of this diagram

acupuncture point, mesotherapy point 

acupuncture point 

•      The depth of the acupuncture point into the skin, which will be the Mesopuncture point, is variable: ‘In the lower part of the dermis, in the hypodermis, in the subcutaneous tissue according to Soulie de Morant (SDM) "The discoverer of Acupuncture, in Occident", and in the Handbook of Chinese Acupuncture: In the connective tissue of the dermis or of the subcutaneous or of a more deeply tissue.  According to SDM, the skin sensitivity of an acupuncture point, known as deep, would also be part of the acupuncture point.

•        In topography, we can still confuse Mesopuncture and Mesotherapy when, in a skin area, accessible to the Mesotherapy and without acupuncture point known, it is possible to identify, more, the acupuncture points Ashi, of random and diffuse location, the Trigger points, the reflex dermalgia of the back, abdomen and chest taking up notable cutaneous surfaces, Head's areas etc. 

 The area of acupuncture is not only located in the hypodermis but also in the dermis as mesotherapy.

mesotherapy point 

The Mesotherapy point is created by a deposit of medication in the dermis indeed .....We can find a technique of mesotherapy injection into the superficial hypodermis...

  Acupuncture, as mesotherapy, is using local injection

•        By expanding its sphere of activity in the local injection, Acupuncture has blurred even

erased the border separating these two methods of treatment: Acupuncture/Mesopuncture and Mesotherapy, to which each one of them were assigned very schematically, a cutaneous layer and a specific vector:

To Mesotherapy, dermis and injection needle to create a mesotherapy point.

To Acupuncture, hypodermis and compact needle to stimulate the acupuncture point.

•       This diagram is very often at fault, in fact.

It is difficult to say that the needle (acupuncture or Mesotherapy) is into the dermis or the hypodermis.

It is an accepted fact that Acupuncture points may be located into the dermis (... as well as into the hypodermis, the subcutaneous tissue ...).

The same is true for the difficulty of Mesotherapy to remain acting in the dermis only as we show it with the two following examples: In the event of thinness, it is difficult, in mesotherapy, to make sure that the needle is not in the hypodermis and a mesotherapy technique where the needle reaches the hypodermis is described.


....The Therapist in mesotherapy uses inserted hollow needles to inject.

.... The Acupuncturist uses compact needles to prick and hollow needles to inject medication in the acupuncture point according to the technique described by Chinese medicine, which we call mesopuncture.

.... Between the dermis (Mesotherapy) and hypodermis (acupuncture point and Mesopuncture), there are a few millimetres. In the dermis, the acupuncture point is confused with the mesotherapy point.

.... All Therapists know the advantages of both techniques Mesotherapy and acupuncture/Mesopuncture.


Why the Therapist in Mesotherapy, after having inserted his needle into the dermis and having created a mesotherapy point,  why he does not push a little more his needle up to the possible hypodermic acupuncture point, deeper, to carry out there a  stimulation metallic and a stimulation liquid for the greatest benefit of the patient and why the Acupuncturist, after having inserted his needle in the hypodermic acupuncture point why it does not inject into and why by withdrawing his needle in the dermis he does not stop in, to create a mesotherapy point there.

The official support of Chinese Medicine to the fluid stimulation of the acupuncture point in addition to stimulations by a metal needle, laser, heat, pressure, medicinal paste.... bring closer acupuncture to our medicine in general and mesotherapy in particular (in addition to the use of products of our Western pharmacopoeia for this liquid stimulation).

Copyright Bleu Medical France.

taking into account the whole of these data, the BMN.

The BMN is a medical device of treatment, by local insertion of needle, which takes into account the whole of these data and particularly the significant advances in mesotherapy.

It is a device joining a needle as fine as an acupuncture needle, hollowed, topped with a resilient polymer reservoir, running as an empty dropper, for an extemporaneous storage/restitution of various drugs, by the Therapist, at the time of the consultation. EC marked.

 The BMN acts not only in acupuncture/mesopuncture but in mesotherapy, also.

•        The BMN, equipped with a micro-reservoir, is able, in addition to the metal stimulation of

the acupuncture needle, to release some drops, following the example of the mesotherapy device, of medicine into the acupuncture point and producing, thus, a liquid or chemical or mechanical (by skin tissue distension) stimulation.

•        Into the dermis, the BMN creates Mesotherapy points. This device equipped with a micro-reservoir is able to release some drops of medicine into the dermis to create various mesotherapy points, also.

The device can remain in situ and authorize the spine.

Only one cutaneous insertion is necessary.

After having inserted his needle into the skin, the Therapist, still has

•       The possibility of choosing between three treatments Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture (MAM),

•        The comfort of only one device for 3 treatments).

The patient has the comfort of one and only needle insertion for these three treatments.


By Andre COHEN Physician, Acupunturist, speciality: Obesity
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: After practicing medicine full time, he became a specialist in the treatment of obesity. Then, being specialized in acupuncture, it could treat, during many years, obesity by acupuncture. He could treat obesity , its causes and consequences, by acupuncture. He has published, in French, a book of “Obésité et acupuncture”, which is the only existing work in this area. The genesis of the different stages of obesity is analyzed, according to a Western and a Traditional Chinese Medicine outlook. A complete directory of the various points acting on obesity and its consequences, is proposed.

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Rebirth of Mesopuncture

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