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Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment
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Stem cells are special cells that act as a repair system of body tissues like intestine, hair follicles, blood capillaries, stomach etc. Stem cells are found in all regenerative organs, that is, organs that regenerates themselves after specific time period. There are two types, embryonic and adult stem cells. Stem cells multiply through meiotic cell division. Stem cells can be transferred to damaged tissue for regeneration. Conclusively, stem cells are essential for regeneration of tissues of various body organs.

Hair follicles are tiny tubular cavities made up of epithelial tissues. For healthy hair growth, each hair follicles undergoes its growth cycle. At some time, most of the hair follicles are resting period and soon enters the growth phase again. But in most cases, hair follicles do not get into growth phase and get destroyed. At this stage hair loss begins, and you notice hair thinning that laster leads to complete baldness. Stem cells are responsible to stimulate the hair follicles to regenerate and enter into growth phase after resting phase. Studies show transplantation of stem cells promotes hair growth.

A study was conducted at the university of Pennsylvania School of Medicine for isolating the stem cells for hair growth. According to researchers, stem cells near the follicle bulb are responsible for healthy growth of hair follicles and hair shafts. To test the theory, they done a experiment on mice. They isolated the stem cells from hair follicles of healthy and normal growing mice and transferred them to an adult mice having poor hair growth.

Within four weeks, the stem cells made new hair follicles that produced new hair shafts. Researchers concluded two facts:

  • Stem cells are responsible for tissue regeneration
  • Stem Cells Transplantation helps promote tissue regeneration


From the experiment, it was proved that transplantation of stem cells effectively helps regrow damaged hair follicles. Although it is effective way, but it is not possible in human for at least next 10 years.

It is very amazing news for people who have completely lost their hair and tried several different products and their problem still persists. Another similar method of hair regrowth is hair follicles grafting and transplantation, but transplantation of stem cells would be more advance technology. Although hair grafting is effective, sometime hair loss reoccur even after follicle transplantation. It is expected that stem cell transplantation would be a hundred times more effective and hair loss will not reoccur after the treatment.

By Chirs Parker Dr.
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Biography: Chris has been an expert in hair disorders writing specifically on the subject of hair loss. His work has been published on various websites and magazines and provides insightful advise for hair loss treatment .

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Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment

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