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What is Bio-Energy Therapy
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What is Bio-Energy Therapy?

Bio-energy Therapy is a safe, non-invasive and highly effective form of energy medicine. It is termed "bio-energy" - the energy of life. Every cell is surrounded and supported by this energy which also acts like a miniature wire, providing both a blueprint for the physical body and also as an information network between the body, mind and spirit. The basic principle underlying the therapy is that when we are healthy and life is good our system's energy freely flows and helps us maintain health and well-being. Stress, illness, injury and emotional discord disrupt this flow. Bio-energy also extends out with the physical body, creating a low frequency electromagnetic field, commonly known as an aura. In a larger context, bio-energy is an inseparable component of Energy.

We are more than a simple biochemical mass. We are also an energetic being. Ancients healing traditions both acknowledge and treat using these principles.

How do Bio-Energy Practitioners Work?

Practitioners use the enhanced sensitivity of their hands to scan the energy field surrounding the body with the purpose of determining where energy is flowing and where it may be blocked. They then simply work to clear these interruptions and restore a healing flow of energy to the bio-energy field. This allows the body's self healing mechanisms to kick in.

What can You Expect From the Session?

The therapy is a non invasive therapy that requires no special equipment, oils or physical manipulation. You remain fully clothed and most report the sessions to be deeply relaxing. Some people are naturally sensitive to their bio-field being worked and may experience sensations of heat, coldness, air or tingling. Others simply enjoy a space to unwind and relax.

Bio-energy Therapy is safe and suitable for everyone from the elderly to the very young and is also effective with animals. There are currently no known interactions with either pharmaceuticals or other forms of alternative health care. As the practitioner works with an individual and not any diseased label put upon a person, people from all walks of life and in all states of health can find that their well-being and performance can improve.

By Zoe Alexander
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What is Bio-Energy Therapy?

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