Linseed Oil for Animals - 5 litre carton

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Mix 3 to 4 tablespoons with regular feed for Horses, pro rata by body weight for other animals Linseed oil from High Barn Oils is a basic building block of life, for your horses and cattle. Remember how all the old guys used to feed it to their show stock, there was a good reason, 25% of all cell membranes are made from essential fatty acids and with little in today’s diet stock are less able resist many allergies and illnesses.

Their bodies need the omega three fatty acid, it is a food, linseed has it in abundance. Try and change the balance of the oils for your stock and it can make a difference to health. Resist buying cheap vegetable oil and solvent extracted oils these have little or no omega 3 in them. Linseed may be a little more expensive but you may have lower veterinary bills. Prices of these 5 litre containers, both single and the 4 pack, include delivery within Mainland UK Delivery elsewhere possible, please contact us.

This is the best oil (or some would refer to it as a supplement but it really is a food) that you can give your animal.

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24.00 vat zero rated
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Linseed Oil for Animals - 5 litre carton
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