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(Posted Till (2017-02-27))

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I have difficulty with sleeping.  I go to sleep quite quickly but wake up after about two hours, then have difficulty in getting back to sleep again.  Sometimes I cat nap and keep waking up almost every hour.  Taking Valerium has not helped, 

Any suggestions would be helpful


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Good afternoon,

Sleep paterns.  I wonder what wakes you up after 2 hours.  Perhaps an ache or arthritis is casuing a throbbing pain.  If that is the case a Bioflow will most ceretainly help as it improves circulation, eases pain and helps you relax.  A solution might be to drink at least 8 glasses of water during the day, a sip at a time, and wear a Bioflow. 

Many of my customers have suffered insomnia and after wearing Bioflow this has been resolved.  We are all different but this might help you. 

With kind regards

Derek Hawkins.

Posted On:

Hello there, you can try lots of different remedies.  Badger Balm Sleep enhancer comes in a tin you can leave by your bed and rub it into your temples and forehead when you wake up, you can also rub it into the soles of your feet, this can help relax you too.  You can also try a few drops of lavender on your pillow. Ensure you are not having a lot of caffeine, sometimes even just one cup of coffee can interfere with sleep patterns.   Switch to a naturally caffeine drink such as redbush tea after 6pm to reduce caffeine intake.  Ensure you have plenty of water too.   If you are finding your sleep is not deep, try a herbal remedy call 5-htp - it is a natural precursor to seratonin - seratonin levels drop as we get older.  You can also use a litebook lightbox, in winter this can help with winter blues but also to reset the internal body clock so is good for shift workers those with jet lag etc.  Keep a window slightly open to ensure you are getting fresh air at night too.  If you have the central heating on - put a bowl of hot water in the room and add a few drops of lavender to it - this will also help humidify the room.  If heat is a problem at night - you can use a chillow cool pillow which goes under the pillow case on top of the pillow - really helps to get a good nights sleep if you have hot flushes, nightsweats etc.  Hope that helps, take care, Sue



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Reiki!.....I found once someone is initiated into Reiki, valium can be thrown out. Reiki is such a wonderful self-help tool on many levels to rebalance your whole being. Even more so many Reiki initiates have reported back to me they sleeping difficulties has dramatically improved. I am amused even meeting again on the second day of the initiation (usually it takes two days for the Reiki course) that at least one of the participants slept like a log that first night.

Hope this information helps.

Additional to using lavender on the pillow try rubbing a few drops into the sole of your feet. It seems to be working faster to get into your system that way. Also a hot bath with a few drops of lavender just before going to bed can help.

All the best. Delphiris 

Posted On:
Hypnotherapy can also help in the majority of cases, or perhaps try Kinesiology. If you are waking after 2 hours it could mean there is over-energy in a meridian which needs to be balanced. It can also be used to find out if there is any particular herbal remedy, supplement, essential oil etc which would be beneficial ... it takes out the guesswork. Best wishes, Helen Fogg

Posted On:

Generally, most of my clients find that no matter what the emotional issue is that they have processed in The Journey,

sleeping well is one of the side benefits.   If you have a challenge or issue that is part of an unprocessed emotion that you are carrying consciously or subconsioursly, sleep patterns can be affected.  I suggest you read the article in the Worldwide Health Web Library on The JOURNEY THERAPY to see whether this process might be of use to you.  Thank you for reading my comment and I hope it will be of benefit to you. KW

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