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Most of us from time to time do our share of slumping forwards, but rarely do we arch our spines the other way. In Yoga there are two exercises that are used to help release stiffness in the vertebrae down the front of the spinal column.
Care must be taken when doing these exercises, always work at a level that suits you and never force or overstretch your body, build up slowly until you become more flexible.

The Locust exercise stretches the lower back and buttocks; it improves the blood flow to the kidneys and adrenal glands the flexibility of the spine also increases. The Bow exercise expands the chest and increases suppleness in the shoulders it is also very helpful in stretching the front of the thighs and waist. Both of these exercises are done of the floor without any props and can be easily worked on a day-to-day basis.

By: Lesley-Ann Sales - Utah, United States
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