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How does Healing with Homeopathy work?
In this section, we provide an introduction to homeopathy and how we view it as a healing skill – what it is, its history, its principles and how you learn to practice it.

What is Anthroposophical Medicine?
At the beginning of the last century a group of doctors, mainly but not entirely from a homeopathic background, took a particular interest in the philosophy and work that was emerging at that time being developed by Rudolf Steiner, who named it "Anthroposophy".

Breast Cancer Treatments
Generally breast cancer is treated by medications, surgery and Radiation therapy. In past few years there is a decline in deaths due to breast cancer as treatment techniques and screening methods have improved, and it can be diagnosed at an early stage.

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How does Healing with Homeopathy work?

Misha Norland

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The Wonder of Homeopathy

Mani Norland

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Stretching Further, Increasing Confidence, Gaining Professionalism

Mani Norland

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Healing with homeopathy

Mani Norland

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