Klenz Multipurpose Sanitiser with Nano Silver Technology

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Klenz Sanitiser

Klenz Multi Purpose Sanitiser utilising advanced Nano-Silver Technology & Ozone System

Klenz is a multi-purpose general sanitizer that kills microbes, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi by exposing them to Nano Silver Ions and Ozone gas, both of which are potent antimicrobial agents that kill 99.9% of harmful micro-organisms. 

The Klenz sanitiser does not use heat, corrosives, chemicals or liquids and therefore does not pose risks to cleaned items or any treats or harms to human body. Cleansing with Klenz Sanitizer leaves items sanitized and refreshingly deodorized. 

When an object is placed inside the Klenz chamber, Nano Silver Ions and Ozone are blown into the chamber. An in-built fan blows the silver ions and ozone around the object. The silver and ozone compromise bacterial cellular metabolism and attack the respiratory system of the microbes, causing them to die. Anything that is placed inside the Klenz chamber emerges sanitized, sterile and fresh after short 8 minute cycle.

Sanitising with the Klenz Sanitiser is effective, safe and fast. The process is non poisonous, non stimulating and non allergenic. Nano Silver and Ozone technology is the most effective way to eradicate micro-organisms and prevent formation of moulds, mildew and odours that lead to fast deterioration of some items (i.e. shoes, trainers, gloves). The Klenz sanitiser offers fantastic protection against the build up of harmful germs on everyday items that can cause sickness, itch, sores, spread of infections and unpleasant odours.    

You can sanitise all types of solid or soft objects, such as shoes, trainers, boots, slippers, wellingtons, socks, mobile phones, baby feeding bottles, silicon feeding nipples, toys, kitchen utensils, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, beauty equipment, underwear, insoles, footwear, toothbrushes, purses, wallets, animal collars, dog walking leads, gloves and much more!

Klenz Sanitiser does not only sanitise and deodorize items, it extends life span and usability of many items, thus adds extra value and saves your money.   

Klenz Multi Purpose Sanitiser is easy to install and operate. There is no need to change parts or filters. The Klenz Sanitiser does not need any chemicals or liquids to sterilize, sanitise and deodorize. Klenz retains its original sanitising and functioning power for over 35 thousands 8 minute sanitising cycles, equal to 10 uses per day over a period of 10 years.

Klenz Sanitiser is suitable for home use as well as use at therapy clinics, health and beauty spas, schools, nurseries, sports clubs, sports centres, swimming pools, detention centres, police stations, army camps and barracks, veterinary centres, riding schools and stables and many other locations.     

Klenz Sanitiser for home use (standard model) comes ready to use with UK/Europe mains power supplies and UK 3 pin mains plug.  

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