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Healing Animals using Colour Acupuncture
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 Have you ever wondered why dogs and other animals get restless or fearful before a thunderstorm?

 Animals are very sensitive to all types of vibrations including light and sound and many have specialised sense organs to help them detect specific types of energy. Cats have are able to open their pupils wide so they can see in the dark and also have whiskers so they can detect the smallest movements while bats have large ears and use sonar to locate their prey.   Dogs and horses have excellent hearing, good sight and smell so they can detect different types of energy that humans cannot see.

 Light is energy and all kinds of light waves, both visible and invisible, fill the air. Light comes to earth from the sun and is contained within the electro-magnetic spectrum and this energy nurtures and sustains life on earth.  Each colour of the spectrum has special healing qualities and health giving properties.

 Colour acupuncture is a branch of traditional acupuncture that harnesses the energy of the different colours and directs the healing energy directly into the energy system of humans and animals.  This fast growing healing system includes all forms of light therapy that can be administered fast and safely to most animals and so it has many advantages because it is non-invasive and can be given without the need for restraint or fear.

 Colour acupuncture can be delivered using the hands in much the same way as spiritual healing but it is especially effective when administered using a Colour acupuncture torch or light instrument.  Light therapy has been found to help alleviate aches and pains and also speed up the healing of fractures and wounds and it works for animals as well as humans. Some colours in the blue and violet range are anti-inflammatory  and anti-bacterial and so are invaluable for many minor injuries. In severe cases light therapy and colour acupuncture should only be used after an animal has been seen by a vet, but these gentle treatments help speed up the formation of scar tissue and healing. In fact colour acupuncture and cold laser therapy is being used in stables and is becoming accepted as treatments for racehorses that are prone to strains and leg injuries.

 Colour acupuncture and light therapy can be especially helpful to an older pet as well as animals with chronic disorders like arthritis and stiff joints who may be experiencing discomfort. It is also a very calming and soothing treatment that can be used for excitable animals and those suffering from depression – for example if they are pining for a lost companion. 

 The Iris International School of Colour Therapy is a small specialist  training centre that offers home study diplomas in Colour Acupuncture and a specialist course in Colour and Natural healing for Animals which has been running successfully for 25 years

By Suzy Chiazzari - Principal of Iris School of Colou Dip. Col. Therapy, MIAC, MICM, MIAC
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Suzy Chiazzari is the best-selling author of nine books on Colour and Light healing and Natural health. She is the principal of the Iris International school of Colour Therapy which offer courses in Colour Acupuncture. She runs Colour and Natural healing workshops in Totnes Devon.

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