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NAET Allergy Healing Technique Clears Your Nutritional Blocks
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Dr Devi Nambudripad discovered NAET due to a lifetime history of allergies from a very early age.  This led her to the development of a very effective approach to the elimination of allergies.  Dr Nambudripad’s knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine gave her the insight and guidance to develop this unique treatment in order to overcome her own serious allergic food reactions.  She shares her amazing personal struggle to free herself from her allergies in her book “Say Goodbye To Illness.  Her book explains the theoretical basis of her technique and provides many testimonials and case histories of patients who have been successfully treated with NAET for many health disorders.  This book is recommended reading for anyone seeking relief from allergies and for anyone with chronic health problems.

NAET is an innovative technique that is completely natural and non-invasive.  This technique can be used safely on anyone, even newborn babies, infants and the elderly, patients in coma and even pets.  NAET can also be used to treat healthy individuals with hidden allergies that could cause illness in future.  In addition, NAET complements any other treatment, without side effects. 

An individual can be allergic to many things:  food, drinks, herbs, vitamins, water, clothing, synthetics, jewellery, chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, paint, plastics, pollens, spouses, children and even themselves.  Allergy symptoms can range from digestive problems (ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome), bladder problems, sugar cravings, behavior problems, hyperactivity, lack on concentration, poor memory, dizziness, heart palpitations, skin conditions (hives, rashes, eczema), to severe anaphylactic reactions, panic and anxiety attacks, sleep disorders, inflammation, and much more. 

Medical scientists are still researching the exact cause and nature of allergies.  From a Western Medical perspective, an allergy is an over-reaction of the immune system.  In NAET, allergies are viewed from a Holistic perspective based on Oriental Medicine practices, and defined in terms of the effect that an allergic substance has on the flow of energy through the Acupuncture meridians and where it causes blockages.

An allergy is a condition of unusual sensitivity to one or more substances, which may be harmless to the majority of other individuals.  In an allergic person, the allergic substance (or allergen) is viewed by the Brain as a threat to the body’s well-being.  When contact is made with an allergen, it causes blockages in meridians, disrupting the normal flow of energy through the body’s electrical circuits.  This energy blockage causes interference in communication between the Brain and the Body, via the Nervous Systems, which in turn begins a chain of events that can develop in an allergic response.

Allergies are also defined in a different way to what is generally expected.  Many people consider they are allergic to certain foods or certain food groups such as wheat or dairy.  In fact, it may be proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, hormones and many are specific substances they are allergic to, not a particular food or food group. 

When blocks to proteins, vitamins and minerals are cleared, the immune system is able to effectively rebuild itself.  You would be surprised how many of us have blocks (or allergies) to common vitamins such as Calcium, Vitamin C, B Group vitamins, proteins, hormones and other substances.  This is effectively why people have allergies. 

Think about it – what if you are allergic to Calcium, Vitamin C or B Complex – and how many foods contain these substances?  Almost everything we eat right?  Do yourself a favour – have at least the “Basic Five” of NAET treated!

"I first saw Karen when my baby boy Yonah was 15 months.  He had developed an allergy towards eggs, some vegetables and all dairy products.  He was a good boy, but was constantly irritable with diarrhea and stomach pains.  I had heard about N.A.E.T. from my sister-in-law from the States and she had great results, so I decided to try it out. 

Karen first cleared Yonah of Candida and some Emotional issues.  I was quite skeptical in the beginning of what affect this would have on him, but then something happened that completely shocked me.  One of the Emotional issues that came up for Yonah was "lack of development".  Karen asked me if he was lacking in any area.  I told her that he was 15 months, only said the word "mama" and had still to take his first step. (I had actually never thought of him being slow in development before).  Karen cleared him of this issue and said that we could possibly see results.  Well, that night he said "dada" for the first time.  It didn't occur to me at first that this may have been the effect of my session with Karen, but then two days later, Yonah took his first steps, and they weren't just steps, he actually walked across the whole room.  The next week when I went back to Karen, she asked me if I had seen any results.  With a smile on my face, I stood Yonah up on the floor and he started to walk and I replied,  "You tell me!" 

I continued to see Karen numerous times after that and she managed to clear him of all his allergic reactions, to milk, eggs, tomatoes, etc.  Yonah is like a new child.  I would definitely recommend this to people that suffer from allergies.”                                                                         Rochel Tilson

My two children have been receiving NAET treatments since August 2003 from Karen.  I have seen many changes since then – they are more self-expressive, able to concentrate and are calmer.  They are also less reactive to environmental allergies – no more coughing in the morning and stuffy sinuses – they can even cuddle the cat without getting itchy.  Thank you Karen for your kindness, care and professional practice.               Bis and Family

I consulted Karen Winter regarding a very serious and chronic problem with sinusitis. 

Karen used the NAET process to work through the many layers of allergy sensitivity and I found this to be a very revealing process on several levels which ultimately helped me to clear many old issues, which led me to feel more empowered as the past emotional burdens were addressed and removed.

I feel that my work with Karen was highly beneficial in the process of healing I had undertaken in a difficult and turbulent year.

 Bev Aisbett

Over the past year that I have been seeing Karen for treatment with NAET.  What I have noticed is my allergies particularly towards acidity have diminished, as well as my sensitivity towards synthetic and man-made fibres.  Prior to seeing Karen I was unable to wear, nor come into contact, with synthetics whatsoever.  Karen treated me for fabrics, plastics and polyester clothing, and during a recent visit with Karen I was able to show her, with a big smile on my face, that I was wearing a sweater made of synthetics with no reactions!  Also, I am no longer reacting to preservatives, wheat is much better and so are spices and herbs, which I was not able to eat before.  I have also noticed that my allergies in general are much better.  I am no longer feeling dizzy and light-headed, and the burning sensations that I used get to when I came into contact with chemicals, fabric softner, soap powders and other cleaning agents are not so reactive now.  I am also NOT reacting to foam, furniture, any other situations where chemical odours are being released as I had before.                                               Dimitra Petkoff

After I was corrected for sensitivities, with the NAET treatment, I noticed I didn’t wake up as puffy around the eyes and face as before, I could eat more foods with reactions, my immune system improved dramatically, and I no longer had a foggy head. 

Karen also corrected me to being Allergic to Myself as well, then after this correction for the first time I felt love towards myself, and feel much stronger physically and emotionally. 

I am now doing more positive things towards my healing, I am respecting myself more, and have now stopped Sabotaging my own health and well-being. 

Thank-you Karen for helping me so much with the most importing thing to love myself more, to love life, and to be more loving towards others.                                                                                  Izabella Firus

By Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin, KNA, AKA, NAET Adv.II
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Karen holds a “Diploma of Health Sciences in Holistic Kinesiology” which she obtained from the College of Complementary Medicine Carlton Melbourne. She is registered with the Australian Kinesiology Association as an Advance Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner and a Practitioner & Instructor Trainer with the Kinergetics National Association. Karen has also trained as a Neurolink (Neurological Integration System) practitioner and is also a N.A.E.T. Allergy Elimination Technique practitioner.

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