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Step by Step Guide to Control Acne
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Acne is a universal problem. Every person has to face it once in his life especially in teen years. As acne is said to be hormonal problem that’s why in teen years when major hormonal changes occur, acne attacks people. Many people get rid of it after teen years and many people have to face it even in their adulthood and many people do not get acne in their teen years but in adulthood they get acne. Acne can appear on any part of body. Majority of people try many treatments and don't get any cure but on the other hand many people cured their acne by trying appropriate treatment.

It is said that acne is not curable. If any person get rid of acne completely he is considered lucky. Normally it is observed that when a person get treatment his acne start clearing up but as soon as he stops that treatment after some time acne comes back. But yes you can control your acne successfully if you get right treatment. There is a step by step guide if you follow these rules you will definitely get control of your acne.

Step # 1
Before going to start any treatment you should have some basic points in your mind. There are many myths on which people believe and worsen their conditions. Like people over wash their face with any harsh soap and cleanser and thought that it will work which is absolutely wrong. Over washing just help t spread bacteria on other parts and worsens skin condition. Wash your face twice or thrice a day with mild soap or cleanser. Do not think that acne will go by itself and it does not need any kind of treatment which is wrong as well. If you take dermatologist advice then your acne will be cured.

Step # 2
Drink plenty of water as dehydration causes acne as well. Because when we drink water it helps to remove toxins from our body. 8 glasses of water is considered as required amount of water which our body needs.

Step # 3
Control your food habits. Diet has no direct relationship with acne but it is said that certain food causes acne due to food allergies. It’s your duty to check that which food causes more breakouts and which does not. Avoid those foods which cause more breakouts.

Step # 4
Try to avoid take stress. When a person takes stress his body starts to produce more androgens which cause acne. It is necessary that take plenty of sleep to get rid of stress. Do exercise daily and other stresses relieve activities?

Step # 5
Avoid picking acne or zit. If you pick them then there is a chance that you will get infection and causes more harm.

Step # 6
If you have mild acne then you can try some home remedies like aloe vera, honey, lemon juice, tea tree oil, they all are considered best acne treatment and highly used in skin care products.

Step # 7
If you have not get any positive response from home remedies or you have moderate to severe acne then you should consult a dermatologist.

By Helen Adams Msc
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Biography: Helen has been an expert in skin health. Her work has been published on various websites and magazines and provides insightful advice for skin care.

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Step by Step Guide to Control Acne

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