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The Amazing Power of Momentum
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The Amazing Power of Momentum

Momentum is the forward movement towards accomplishing a desired goal.  By creating momentum, we can achieve our goals more easily.

It can be a good idea to have a system to help you create momentum.  This creates consistency and also enables you to move forward before the results become visible.

In the early stages of a new project, there can be little that is vislble in the way of progress.  A good example of this is the growing cycle of a bamboo tree.  This tree grows very little during the first four years and then, in its fifth year, it grows 80 – 90 feet!

Our projects, as well as our own inner qualities and strengths, often resemble the growth pattern of a bamboo tree.  In the early stages, it takes faith and commitment to continue working on an activity when there is little sign of its success.

One of the best ways to continue through this stage is by consciously developing momentum.  This can be achieved through consistent action towards your desired result.

With consistency comes resources, skills, and knowledge .  One method for building consistency is to stay focused on a project for at least 90 days and do something each day to help it move forward.  By doing this, you will be able to discover: 

  1.  You are moving forward
  2.  It is better to change directions
  3.  It is not working

There is another method which creates momentum which is easy to use and brings wonderful results.  Writing an Ideal Statement about what you would like to achieve in the most expansive way is a an effective momentum tool.  An example is the following Statement:

“The health of my physical body improves daily.”

There are many ways to work with this Statement.  In the second article in this Series, The Momentum of Feeling, we discuss this in more detail.

By focusing on the activities that build momentum towards your goals, it is often easier to achieve them than by focusing solely on your goals.   Your thoughts, feelings, actions and words which increase momentum are often what is required for success to follow.

This article is the first in the Creating Momentum Series by Oshana Himot, MBA, CHT.

 © 2011 Oshana Himot Consulting, LLC.  All Rights Reserved.

By Oshana Himot, MBA, CHT MBA, Certified Hypnotherapist
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Oshana Himot, MBA, CHT, is an author, business/life coach and Certified Hypnotherapist. She is the President of the Business and Life Training Institute for Entrepreneurs and a member of the Institute of Executive Development. Oshana has two Masters of Business Administration degrees from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California - in Corporate Finance and Arts Administration (Nonprofit Management). and is the author of 4 digital books. She is currently writing a book about joy and success.

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The Amazing Power of Momentum

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