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What is Rapid Eye Technology
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Rapid Eye Technology is a treatment for emotional stress. It is a spiritual therapy that empowers individuals to live a happy, productive life by releasing negative belief systems, negative thought forms, and emotions—all of which contribute to emotional stress.

At the heart of RET is a spiritual technology that affects the physical, emotional and mental levels. Using blinking, breathing and eye movement techniques, Rapid Eye Technology simulates a condition of sleep known as REM (Rapid Eye Movement), which happens during dreaming and is our body's natural discharge mechanism. During REM sleep we process, clear and integrate our days experiences; the eyes move rapidly under the eyelids and the eyelids blink or twitch. Rapid Eye Technology simulates REM sleep with an eye-directing device moving rapidly in a euro-linguistic pattern in front of the clients eyes.

The peripheral vision picks this up and the brain thinks it is in REM sleep. This fast movement of the wand supports the mind and body in accessing memory. The therapist quickly moves the wand in various patterns to find sources of stress, watching the clients eye movement for clues. (When we look down we are accessing feeling memory, when we look up we are accessing visual memory, etc.) As the client blinks and breathes deeply, trapped messages and trapped life force energy in the mind and body are accessed and released.

What Does Rapid Eye Technology Offer Me?

We each have an unconscious belief system stored within the deepest parts of our psyches, composed of emotions and messages that cause distorted perception, irrational behavior and illness. These unprocessed emotions are both a collection of our life experiences and the life experiences of our ancestors. When these unprocessed emotions are stored away, they distort our minds' and bodies' abilities to change energy and remain well. These trapped emotions and messages are stored over our lifetimes, and perhaps transmitted to us from our ancestors' lifetimes through the DNA. (See Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra.) In our genetic material, we all inherited messages through DNA at conception. In fact, many researchers believe that most of our concepts or world-views are received from conception, gestation, birth and experiences. Science and nature have taught that energy is never lost, only changed in form. It is our belief that the wisdom gained during an entire lifetime is not lost, but passed on to future generations. Our DNA carries the imprinted experiences of our parents and our grandparents all of our ancestors in the cells of our bodies. This is cellular memory. A particular pattern will continue to run in a family until the pattern is broken or resolved. Unfinished business from an ancestor can affect our lives and actually show up in the DNA and the eyes (see What the Eyes Reveal, Denny Johnson). As we release unprocessed emotions, we not only heal our lives but also healing the pain of future generations as we pass the gift on to our descendants. The RET process provides a way for trapped, distorted emotional messages to be processed and released from the cellular level within the mind and the physical body. This allows the accessing, processing and clearing of information that has been guarded by the subconscious throughout much of our lives. In a RET session, present issues and underlying trapped life force energy are also addressed. Rapid Eye Technology appears to clear issues on all levels of the mind-body connection.

Life Skills The other half of Rapid Eye Technology

Rapid Eye Technology is a two-part process that involves both releasing and retraining. A skilled therapist not only guides you to identify and release the trapped energy patterns of your past, but also helps you to learn and understand new skills for living that will facilitate the creation of new productive patterns for your future. Once you have cleared the energy of your past, you will be in a powerful position to create a new life reality for yourself. Slipping back into old patterns is less likely if you build new paths for your thoughts to follow.

Life Skills Classes are taught by a trained Life Skills Facilitator whose ultimate goal is to guide you through your own discovery of new skills, ideas and experiences. The environment is always comfortable and informal, and various methods of learning are woven throughout each class - including but not limited to interactive lectures, experiential exercises, small and large group discussions, and dramatizations and role-playing.

Each facilitator brings his or her own unique personality stamp to the class, but the structure is always the same - seven weeks based on seven natural laws which govern human development. We call these our seven principles of universal truth.

  • The Principle of Thought

Thought is at the beginning of all creation and we create our own thoughts! We are free to think anything we want. The intent of thought is the primary mover of all creation.

Everything in the world vibrates to its own frequencies. Light and thought are made of a very high frequency while slower frequencies are denser. The higher or faster frequencies are called love or Spirit energies, and they dissipate the lower frequencies. When we turn on a light in a dark room, the darkness disappears. By changing our thinking we can change our life. Energy follows thought, matter follows energy.

  • The Principle of Perception

Perception is how we understand our world, based upon our experiences and filtered through our judgments. We each live in a world of our own perceptual creation. Most of our emotions are a direct result of our perceptions. True comprehension of this principle can dissolve conflict into understanding. By noticing our situation and identifying the effects of our thought process, we can choose to see it differently from a high love frequency. By choosing to align with love instead of fear, we connect to God through our minds and hearts. This energy is the Spirit a divinely high-energy frequency. Fear and negative thoughts block this love energy from creating in our lives the way it was meant to. By having an open mind and acknowledging that we may be attached to old programming or pain, we are then able to consider and ultimately realize that it is only love that heals.

  • The Principle of Choice and Accountability

We always have the choice to choose how we feel about our experiences. We can change our mind and choose again. The universe is accountable to respond abundantly to our choices, and the experiences in our lives are the result of our choices. By changing our minds, we can change our life experiences.

It is the responsibility of the universe to honor our intentions, and as a result we are bound to the consequences of our choices. By choosing again we change the consequences the universe delivers to us. Operating together as a unit, choice and accountability give us the power of personal empowerment.

  • The Principle of Cause and effect

Our thoughts create our reality and return to us multiplied. What you feed will grow. Because energy follows thought and matter follows energy, negative experiences follow negative perceptions just as positive experiences follow positive perceptions. True understanding of this principle can help us reclaim our power. By choosing to change our thinking (cause), we create new experiences in our lives (effect).

  • The Principle of Abundance and Gratitude

Abundance means plenty, sufficient, overflowing. Abundance can be seen in our lives through the manifestation of our thoughts. The universe sees no difference between a negative thought and a positive thought. It makes no judgments. It is accountable only to provide us with whatever we think about, and it does so in abundance. What we feed will grow.

When we change our minds and align with love, the universe brings an abundance of good experiences. Our gratitude of this completes the circuit of energy. Gratitude is an attribute of love, and it gives us the power to change the form our abundance takes. It changes our lives.

  • The Principle of Health and Healing

Health and healing is the process of becoming whole and maintaining a state of wholeness. We are responsible for our own physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. As we incorporate the Life Skills principles into our lives, we begin to understand what it takes to enjoy this state of wholeness to its fullest.

  • The Principle of Harmony and Rhythm

All universal laws or principles work together in complete harmony. All life exists in a one-song rhythm presented as a musical vibration that creates perfect balance much like one might find in a symphony orchestra. It is in our essential nature to resonate with this vibration when it is felt. We are meant to be at one with the universe. We are an integral part of life, and by moving with that flow we awaken to the potential that exists within us.

The purpose of the Life Skills classes is to help you identify your nonproductive beliefs, and to become aware of the power you have within yourself to change the circumstances of your life. Throughout the seven weeks of classes you will learn seven new skills for living. You will teach them as separate principles, but together they operate as one law. Our thoughts create, our perception of the thoughts and events give them reality, cause and effect recreates them, and choice and accountability lets us change our thoughts, perceptions and actions at any time. Our choices result in either lack or abundance, and continuous "feeding" can affect our health on all levels. By choosing the frequency of energy we align with, we can create discord and pain, or harmony and rhythm.

A thorough understanding of these seven principles can help you move into alignment with the natural harmony and rhythm of the universe. Through the development of a new understanding of how to solve specific problems, you naturally rise to a higher level of understanding where you are capable of creating new questions that stimulate you to an even higher level of knowing.This upward spiral of learning is what propels you toward self-discovery in its greatest sense.

Your job, then, is to notice, learn, change your perceptions, and quickly move to a new perspective of the events in your lives. You do this by emptying your mind of your fears and problems and replacing them with memories of when you felt totally plugged into Gods plan. Embrace the silence; listen to your higher self.

Prayer and meditation can assist you to become unattached to worldly things and to awaken to your real self. You can then connect to God or source and reclaim your power. We all have the deity within us, but until we awaken and remember how to connect with our Source, we feel weak.

We are like a light bulb and Spirit is like the electricity that makes the light bulb work. Some light bulbs let in more of its source than others and they have a brighter light. By making God or Source our partner, we can surrender to the possibility that we can do and create whatever we set our mind to.

We get in our own way. Life is like switching channels on the TV. The channel most of us watch is the physical, mental, emotional channel, which tells us we cant do it. Its advertisements pummel us with evidence that we donut have enough money, time, brains or experience. This is also known as the doubting channel.

By mentally switching the channel of our minds TV, we can get messages of faith, beingness, peace, and the abundance of all things good. Its advertisements give us assurance that all things are possible to those that believe and then know. This is known as the trusting channel, and we learn that all things are possible.

We learn that life can change form but it can never be destroyed. Every relationship and experience in this world has been divinely orchestrated with our Spirits approval for our Earth School curriculum. There are always several ways to view any problem, and we can save ourselves a lot of time and grief by having the intention to go to Gods point of view to the best of our abilities.

Mastering these principles can change the course of your life.

What goes on in a session?

First of all, the therapist creates a nurturing, safe environment for healing. RET is about honoring and caring for the individual. Therapists are trained in the mechanics of facilitation a process that clears traumatic memory. We assist individuals on their own healing journey, utilizing techniques we have developed. These techniques affect physiological functions that support the cells in your body to release trapped life force energy that has manifesting as physical and emotional stress. During a session, a therapist will first review a clients history and then proceed with a neurological integration exercise, which is eye work between the client and the therapist. The client then engages in the RET process. Using a fast movement of eyes while listening to verbal input from the therapist, the client begins to access and release old trapped traumas. Each session ends with positive reframes to replace whatever was released during the session with positive information. Most individuals experience results after each RET session. A typical session lasts for one hour and forty-five minutes.

What happens to assist me in releasing in a natural, safe, way?

There are specific wand movements and techniques to slow down or speed up the process. We all have excellent survival systems. Our psyches will only allow us to release trapped trauma as fast as we are able to assimilate the changes. Our REM is doing this every night while we sleep. When clients release rapidly, it is because they have intended to do just that. Intention is very powerful. If a client says, "I just want it all gone NOW," they will bring up negative energy that will be released much faster. The premise of RET is that the mind and body were created to clear themselves, and that our spirits know how to heal our lives with the assistance of spiritual energy even though we have to access the pain in order to clear trauma. What comes up is just a portion of what actually happened. The body presents one layer at a time. The spirits job is to assist us in changing and processing all experiences in such a way that we can gather information and develop wisdom. Is there a possibility of reverting, or filling the void with the 'same old stuff?' Techniques such as positive reframes help. Life Skills classes are the educational component of the RET process. Life Skills classes introduce spiritual concepts that assist individuals in learning, practicing and anchoring new thoughts and behaviors serve the clients in their journey.

Is this a long-term healing program?

Most people accomplish significant clearing in twelve sessions. Lives change. Without first identifying old family patterns and then teaching the body a new way to live, some clients may unconsciously choose to create the old addictions in a new way. Rapid Eye Technology is very effective. Positive results can be immediate or they can take longer depending upon the clients condition and issues. Although the therapist facilitates the process, it is the clients journey.

Can Rapid Eye Technology be used with children?

Yes, Rapid Eye Technology is used successfully with children. Sessions for children are only one hour because their defense systems are usually not as entrenched as adults, and their attention spans are shorter. Five years old is the minimum age for effective treatment. Younger children are processed through proxy.

By The Rapid Eye Institute
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The Rapid Eye Institute


Biography: Ranae Johnson is the founder of Rapid Eye Technology (RET) which began with a vision to teach the world about unconditional love, and to assist those on their healing journey to release pain.

The intent of the Rapid Eye Institute (REI) is to provide a program for stress relief and quality training for people who desire to share this life-transforming information with others. Rapid Eye Technology (RET) is an alternative healing process which provides for ocular assisted release and is characterized by systematic movement of eyes and eyelids, rapid verbal communication, and special imageries that effect a release of stressful emotions on many levels of human experience. It provides education (Life Skills) based upon simple principles for successfully managing and understanding life.

RET encourages people toward their awareness of being self-empowered, fully functional, loving, caring individuals who are connected to and exhibiting their highest potential.

For more information on treatments or training as a therapist please contact the Rapid Eye Insititute.

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What is Rapid Eye Technology?
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