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Magnets have been associated with improving health for thousands of years. It is now accepted that magnets can help the body regulate and heal itself with the minimum use of modern drugs over coming aches and pains.  Natural pain relief.  Magnotherapy as in Bioflow can attack aches and pain at source. Research suggests that it helps control acidity of the body thus relief to digestion and associated aches and pains. An improvement in circulation of blood which in turn allows the cells building supply and waste disposal system to work more efficiently. Bioflow magnetic energy triggers a change in pH (potential of Hydrogen) in the body.

Body stress, inflammation and injury may be attributed to environmental and dietary change which can result in the production of excess lactic acid and free radicals in the body. This can either cause or contribute to the majority of everyday complaints. Wearing a Bioflow magnetic product will ease aches & pains and can affect the body fluids and particularly the blood – the body's transport system. This is achieved by Ionisation by Magnetic Induction (IMI), the technology used in Bioflow. A study carried out by MVDr Vaclavek records that the Bioflow magnet magnotherapy products produced by Ecoflow Ltd are the most effective for general health and healing for arthritis, back pain, blood pressure, cramps, diabetes, gout, injuries, low energy, ME, MS, migraine, osteoporosis, poor circulation, skin disorders and health problems. Incorporating the patented principle of 'Central Reverse Polarity' they have a direct effect on electrons and are far more superior to any other static magnetic field. His book 'Magnotherapy the pHacts' published by Corbett & Cavanagh, gives a full evaluation.

THE BIOFLOW RANGE of unique magnet products are for natural pain relief for most aches and pains and particularly arthritis, has been developed to meet most requirements of financial consideration to aesthetic appeal. The Bioflow units incorporating a relay magnet in conjunction with a CRP module give better results. Bioflow will normally be worn on the wrist with the CRP module placed on the inside for all over aches and pains. The treated blood is pumped through these vessels and transported around the whole body. The 'BIOFLOW' range has been given a Class 1 Medical Certificate and awarded a CE mark.

 THE BIOFLOW BOOST is the most versatile, technical and user friendly product of its type available anywhere today for specific and general aches and pains including back pains. Supplied with three pairs of Bioflow CRP modules that can be positioned anywhere on the body over the injury, fracture, pain or general discomfort by means of one of the three Stomatex belts. The Bioflow Elite, Executive, Explorer2 and Finesse benefit from an enhanced magnetic field by incorporating the Bioflow CRP module and a concealed relay magnet, these will help with most general aches and pains.  The Bioflow Duet, Duo, Elite, Finesse and Pirouette range give elegance coupled with performance.

With remarkable results on humans for many health problems and general aches and pains there is a 'BIOFLOW' range for animals of most size and shape.
Used and recommended by many veterinary surgeons and trainers 'BIOFLOW' can give your pets a better and longer pain free life.
Cats, dogs, horses and many other animals are benefiting from their Bioflow collars,  boots/wraps, vests or blankets.
Animals do not lie. We have an even greater success with animals throwing off those aches and pains, achilles tendon problems, angina, arthritis, asthma, back problems, blood pressure, bone spavin, broken bones, bursitis, chondritis, congenital hip-dysplasia, cramps, cuts, diabetes, eczema, energy, epilepsy, fits, fractures, haematomas, hind leg injuries, immobility, joint arthrosis, laminitis, strained ligaments, oedema, osteo-chondritis, osteo-arthritis, osteoporosis, partial paralysis, poor circulation, post surgical healing, rheumatism, ringbone, scar tissue, sinus problems, ulcers, spinal damage, spondylitis, sprains, stamina, strains, swollen joints, tendonitis, thrombosis and many more ailments.

HEALTH MAINTENANCE. To help maintain good health an adult should drink at least six glasses of water every day. MVDr Vaclavek states that magnetised water is essential for the balance of the body's ph. The H2FLOW uses the latest technology in super-grade ceramic magnetic material with a double CRP configuration. Simply strapped to the water supply pipe coming into a house without specialist tools. The powerful magnetic field is focused directly towards the flowing water. No salts, no chemicals, no power, water tastes better and limescale is removed. The sodium level of the water is not increased and the natural minerals are retained. H2Flow will remove limescale and prevent limescale build up.

THE VITAFLOW COASTER enables you to enjoy cool magnetised water direct from your refrigerator. Designed to fit in your refrigerator door and incorporates a pair of CRP modules. Try milk and even wine!

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