Society of Clinical Psychiatrists
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The Society of Clinical Psychiatrists was foundd in 1957 to promote excellence in psychiatric treatment and at that time to assert the rights of psychiatrists within the NHS. It paved the way for the formation of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 1971.

The Society acts as a ginger group in order to focus on issues such as the rights of psychiatric patients, proposed mental health legislation such as the Mental Health Bill, Mental Capacity Bill and so on. The Society has undertaken studies over the years on various subjects relating to mental health. The best known recent study has been into the subject of doctors suspended from employment in the NHS, with its champion Dr. Peter Tomlin, with publications such as 'NHS Suspensions: a blot on the landscape'. The Society promotes research into social and clinical psychiatry and scientific papers are published. There is a publication 'Psychiatry for the New Millenium'.

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Keepers Cottage,
Barrock Park,
CA4 0JS,
United Kingdom

Tel: 016974 73461

Web: http://www.scpnet.com

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