National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH)
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NFSH is a registered charity with over 5000 members. It exists to promote public health by the promotion of spiritual healing for the benefit of the public, by educating and training healers and by ensuring proper standards in the practise of spiritual healing.

Spiritual Healing is a gentle complementary therapy which involves the transfer of natural energy through the healer, to the recipient. Healing helps to re-energise the body's own immune system by relaxing the body, releasing tensions and restoring the balance of mind, body and spirit.

NFSH members work alongside the medical profession in hospitals and hospices but healing is also widely available in private practice and at NFSH healing centres. NFSH run a healer referral service in the UK: 0845 123 2767. Spiritual Healing: is natural, gentle and it works. Registered Charity No 1094702

Contact Details
Old Manor Farm Studio,
Church Street,
TW16 6RG,
United Kingdom

Tel: 0845 1232777
Fax: 01932 779648

Web: http://www.nfsh.org.uk

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