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Rapid Eye Technology Inc.
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Rapid Eye Technology is a revolutionary natural breakthrough in simulating the REM sleep in a awake state. This is the bodies natural way of releasing stress and trauma. The Rapid Eye Institute is a private career school licensed by the Oregon Department of Higher Education. Get a new career or add powerful tools to an existing one. Learn how to quickly and effectively release stressfu,l emotional view more >
Dr. Paula Chu - Counseling and Life Coaching image
Dr. Paula Chu - Counseling and Life Coaching
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Carl H. Shubs, Ph.D.
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Inside Awakening Wellness Retreat Center Hawaii~Big Island
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Queer, Alternative and Traditional Couples Counseling
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Eliot LeBow LCSW Diabetes, Chronic Illness & Trauma
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Experienced therapist
A positive psychologist in Los Angeles.
Katherine L. Lorensen, CHt, RMT,CPK
Psychotherapy for Life's Transitions: Barbara Sanders, LCSW
Staten Island Grief Counseling
Experienced Dr Wiesner specializes in compex cases
Shellee Harrington, RN, MS, NCC - Here to Help
Healing Body, Mind and Spirit
Anxiety, Depression, Addiction and Relationship Expert
Find meaning and purpose
Awaken You Inner Balance
Cleanse mind, body, and soul: UPGRADE your life!
Anger Management for individuals, couples and groups in NYC

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