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Psychotherapy Courses (Various)

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All courses are 3 credits each.

Theories of Psychotherapy
This course is designed to teach psychotherapists how to listen and intervene from multiple perspectives. Through the study and analysis of different theories the student can learn how to formulate different interpretations in order to develop his/her own therapeutic approach. By studying this course, the student will learn how to analyze a conflict, interpret the corresponding problem, and reflect the best solution.

Psychotherapeutic Approaches
The course works with therapist-client dialogues and show how each of the major theories for counseling and psychotherapy can be applied to common psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, and borderline disorders or to modes of treatment such as individual, couples, families, and groups.

Natural Psycho-Medication
Natural psychotherapy is either medication free or medication is from a natural, non pharmaceutical source such herbs, homeopathy and flower remedies. This course explains the use of such natural elements to dissolve acute emotional distress and to calm people sufficiently so that psychotherapy can proceed  in an optimal way.

Herbs Psychopharmacology Nature acts powerfully through herbs triggering the healing mechanisms in the body and mind to maintain and restore mental balance and health. This course provides an understanding of the brain neurochemical mechanisms and how several psycho-biochemical effects may be achieved through the use of herbs. Psychosomatic Medicine This course provides new definitions of health and illness. It will focus on how psychosomatic interpretations of physical symptoms relate to emotional disorders and vice versa and how they play a role in our mental, emotional and physical health. From a psychosomatic point of view, the individual is responsible for her or his own health.  

Natural Psychotherapy The purpose of this course is to enable people to deal effectively with their inner conflicts and their misconceptions about themselves and others with the guide of different therapeutical approaches combined with the aid of herbs, homeopathy and flower remedies. Natural psychotherapy focuses on  long term and permanent solutions.  

Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues This course covers the basics of law and ethics as it applies to health and counseling related practice. Informed consent, confidentiality,  licensing laws, regulations and customs, and professional liability are considered.






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