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Homeopathy Home Study Introduction to Practice Course (2 year)

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Our homeopathy courses are from the highly prestigious School of Homeopathy in the UK.

The School of Homeopathy was founded in Devon, England in 1981 by its current Director, internationally acclaimed homeopath Misha Norland FSHom. It is the longest running homeopathy college in the UK and plays a leading role in creating and maintaining the highest standards of teaching and development of homeopathic interest and understanding around the world. Our Home Study programs follow a similar curriculum to the attendance courses. We take the best of the School's work and teaching and bring it to you, at home.

The Introduction into Practice Course is ideal if you wish to take the Foundation studies to the next level. The course looks at some of the deeper philosophical aspects of homeopathy and further investigates case taking in preparation for practise under supervision. You do need to have completed the Foundation Course before taking the Introduction to Practice.

Units: 8-14 (having already completed the foundation units 1-7)
Time : recommended but flexible 12 months (timing is up to you)
Hours: 900
Books: book list two is required for Units 8-14

There are no formal examinations, assessment is continuous, initially through regular assignment projects. You will be assisted by supportive and thought-provoking comments from your mentor. We find our students benefit most when encouraged to self-assess and self-reflect so we do not use a marking grade or percentage system.


The Intro into Practice Certificate (for Units 8-14)
Please note that completion of the Intro into Practice Course does not permit you to practice. However you may be at a level where you would feel confident enough to treat close freinds and family in an informal way. Having completed the course you do have the option to continue your study with us if you decide that you would like to be a practitioner, or you can join our attendance course starting in the third year.

You can also continue your study with another college where you would most likely start in the third year.

During this part of the course we focus upon casework, introducing you to both the theory and practical applications of two systems for interpreting imbalance and diseases: Hahnemann's theory of miasms and a system based upon constitutions and temperaments, the Mappa Mundi. The theory of miasms is developed in Misha Norland's book, ‘Signatures, Miasms, AIDS' while lectures and audio tracks on CD extend this into the analysis of patients' cases to complement the classical methodology outlined in our Foundation Course. The distinctive approach of the School of Homeopathy is made evident through the application of the Mappa Mundi as well as the remedy signature teachings - these concepts are partly responsible for our uniqueness, alongside the nurturing tutoring and the academic rigour. It is often commented, that many of our students find a spiritual connection to the work and to healing, and of course, we are delighted to be associated with this.

Book List Two complements this course. Alongside the Introduction into Practice Course, if you wish to go onto the Practitioner Diploma Course, you will also be required to start Alternative Training's Pathology & Disease Course unless you already have equivalent training.

UK Students
Home study students attend a minimum of 3 tutor study days. We also offer yearly 3 day UK Summer Schools in May/June at The School of Homeopathy, Devon, England. All students come to at least one prior to certification. The Foundation Certificate is issued after successful completion of Unit 7.

North America Students
To compliment the home study Foundation Course we offer yearly 3 day seminars at various locations in America and Canada. For further information about the North American flexible learning programme please contact our reginal representitives.






The Intro into Practice Certificate




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