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Homeopathy Advanced Practitioner Diploma Course PDhom (3/4 year)

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Our homeopathy courses are from the highly prestigious School of Homeopathy in the UK.

The School of Homeopathy was founded in Devon, England in 1981 by its current Director, internationally acclaimed homeopath Misha Norland FSHom. It is the longest running homeopathy college in the UK and plays a leading role in creating and maintaining the highest standards of teaching and development of homeopathic interest and understanding around the world. Our Home Study programs follow a similar curriculum to the attendance courses. We take the best of the School's work and teaching and bring it to you, at home.

Our Practitioner Diploma Course follows on seamlessly from the Foundation Course and Intro into Practice Course.

This Home Study course is only available to International Students.
If you live in the UK you will need to transfer to the Attendance Course in order to fulfil UK requirements for joining the homeopathic register
(for details scroll down).
Contact details are the same for this course - phone for more details.

This Home Study course is designed for International Students who are interested in becoming professional homeopaths. Our highly regarded cutting-edge programme instils the expertise and knowledge for becoming a confident and successful homeopath.

Units : 15-18 (having completed units 1-14)
            + case work under supervision
Time : recommended but flexible 24 months (timing is up to you)
Hours: 1800
Books: book list three is recommended for Units 15-18

In the course we continue to develop many of the concepts learnt in the Foundation Course and Intro into Practice Course but with the emphasis on increasing your skills in case receiving, analysis and prescription, to prepare you for practice. Various approaches are given to help you unravel cases, such as group classifications and elemental archetypes. We encourage the use of creative ideas such as these as they often tell us as much about ourselves as they do about the subjects being studied.

Detailed casework takes place using material generated from the extensive library of recordings at the School of Homeopathy. Various models for case analysis are explored, with lecturers presenting those that they have found particularly useful in their practice. These case studies enhance understanding enormously. They encourage the closest scrutiny that in turn leads to an awareness of what needs to be cured and the subsequent establishment of a relevant hierarchy of symptoms. Use of the repertory and differential comparison of materia medica then leads to a selection of the most appropriate remedy.

Book List One and Two are required for this course plus we highly recommend book list three for the later study units. Alongside the Practitioner Diploma Course you will also be required to complete Alternative Training's Pathology & Disease Course unless you already have equivalent training.

Becoming a Practitioner

Case-work under supervision is the crucial aspect of the Practitioner Diploma and your development as a homeopath. We ask you to take at least ten cases with follow-ups over a period of at least one and a half years. During this time you work closely with your supervising practitioner. You contract separately with your supervisor, supervision fees are not covered in the price of this course.

We cannot state the cost of supervision since the fees are paid directly to the supervisor and their rates do vary according to their expertise and location. However we can let you know that the average cost for students in 2006 was approximately £800.

You and your supervisor will undertake a thorough and progressive evaluation of your skills, an important part of which will be your own reflection of what is being learned from each case-taking and about your practice in general.

These cases, their follow-ups and ongoing prescriptions, will be assessed on an on-going basis and then again as a case portfolio at the end of your study. By demonstrating professional competence and appropriate academic standards the School's of Homeopathy's Practitioner Diploma, DSH is awarded.

There are no formal examinations, assessment is continuous, initially through regular assignment projects. You will be assisted by supportive and thought-provoking comments from your mentor. We find our students benefit most when encouraged to self-assess and self-reflect so we do not use a marking grade or percentage system.


The Practitioner Diploma DSH (for the full programme)
Our UK Programme is fully accredited by the Homeopathic Medical Association and The Society of Homeopaths, the British representative on the European and International Councils for Classical Homeopathy.


The Register is a published list of homeopaths all working within an established code of ethics. Since the School of Homeopathy is a recognised leader in homeopathic education, their diploma (DSH), given on completion of our Practitioner Course, leads to immediate registration in the UK. Potential patients seeking a homeopathic practitioner, trained to a high standard, can access this Register to find someone in their area.

Please note that completion of our International programme does not confer a license to practice. Whilst we have a very high reputation, as does the Society of Homeopaths, it is wise to review the official licensure policies of your own country before commencing in practice

UK Students

Once you have completed the Foundation Course and Intro into Practice Course you are invited to transfer to the attendance course for the Practitioner Diploma.

In preparation for this you will also attend the last two study weekends in May and June, of the second year at the School of Homeopathy to help with your integration into the group. All students will need to have their Anatomy & Physiology complete by this stage.

North America Students

To compliment the home study Practitioner Diploma Course we offer yearly 3 day seminars and 7 day clinical workshops at various locations in America and Canada. For further information about the North American flexible learning programme please contact our regional representatives.

America: betsy@homeopathyschool.com

Canada: christine@homeopathyschool.com

International Home Study

After Unit 18 you will receive an Advanced Certificate.
You qualify for our Practitioner Diploma by evidencing your clinical expertise through practice under supervision. This can be completed in one and a half years but you are given up to three years. There are two options: 1. You can either find a homeopath local to you with whom you can sit in and who can act as a supervisor. (There is a protocol which can be obtained through the School.) 2. You can use one of the supervisors from our network. Should he/she be distant from you, then you may consider e-mail communication. These cases, their follow-ups and prescriptions, will be assessed on an on-going basis and then again as a case portfolio at the end of your study. By demonstrating professional competence the School of Homeopathy's Practitioner Diploma, DSH will be complete.

We will also keep you in touch with the newest case analysis techniques and up to date practice information at our annual Summer School. Here both Misha Norland and Janet Snowdon (both international gleaners of homeopathic insights) facilitate advanced students as they progress towards autonomy and confidence in practice.

All students attend at least one, ideally two of our yearly 7 day international Summer Schools in May/June at School of Homeopathy. You are also most welcome to join UK tutor study days or 3rd and 4th year School of Homeopathy weekend sessions; just call in advance so we can arrange it for you.






The Practitioner Diploma (PDHom UK)


£995 for units 15-18


Alternative Training


Distance Learning


Tel. +44 (0)1453 765 956



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