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Reiki Training all Levels certified and accredited, please call for dates available

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The Healing Power of Reiki

Reiki is the vital life force itself; therefore we all have, or are Reiki, for it is our birthright.

Derived from Japanese, Reiki means Universal Life Force. Reiki is an ancient method of tuning the physical and ethereal bodies to higher vibratory levels. Through a simple transfer of universal healing energy, the body’s own ability to heal physical and emotional imbalances is greatly accelerated.

Learn how to give Reiki

It is the Reiki Attunement given to the student during training which opens up the channel for the power of Reiki to flow.

Reiki I Re-awaken your natural healing abilities for life

In the Reiki I degree you are aligned to the Reiki healing energy through a series of powerful attunements. You’ll learn the sequence of hand positions for treating yourself and others, and how to treat animals and plants. Learn about the history of Reiki, both in the East and West. As a tool for personal growth, Reiki I is a lifetime investment that will bring you immeasurable benefits.

Reiki II Intensify your ability to channel healing to others

Learn how to use the sacred symbols effectively and receive two more attunements. Learn to heal beyond time and space. Discover infinitive ways to be creative with those symbols.


Reiki Teacher Attune others to Reiki

Qualifying as a Reiki Teacher requires commitment, experience, awareness and maturity. It is akin to an apprenticeship. Training is tailored to the needs of the individual.


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Reiki I and II Training

Having moved to Cornwall recently I like to give everyone the opportunity to experience the Reiki training in an uplifting, beautiful environment.

Weather permitting we shall experience the four attunements outside overlooking the sea.

Just imagine how much more powerful the whole experience will be - staying away for two whole days being supported by a clean, quiet environment, the power of the ocean surrounding you. Your body and soul yawning to experience the new beginning of your Reiki journey totally relaxed, away from rushing back home on the underground, doing household chores in the evening, etc – just taking time for your own nurturing you so much deserve.

Reiki Teacher Training

The process leading to qualification as a Reiki Teacher requires deep commitment, experience, awareness and maturity from students, but mainly teachers. If you embark with Delphiris on your training this will be something akin to apprenticeship.

Consequently each Teacher training is different and tailored to the needs of the individual, their level of experience and spiritual unfoldment. Delphiris offers the third Reiki degree in two parts in order to follow the principles of best practise, most appropriate guidance and education for future Reiki Masters/Teachers: Reiki Master (3a) and Reiki Teacher (3b).

 Reiki Master Degree (Part 1)

Reiki second degree initiates, who only want to do the Reiki Master degree for their own spiritual development or have decided teaching Reiki is not appropriate for them, can receive the “Master initiation” and Master symbol.

 Reiki Master/Teacher Degree (Part 2)

Reiki Teacher training starts with the Master training as above, and learning the initiation rituals further on in the training.

It also includes participating in at least three first degree and three second degree courses. This involves ‘sitting in’ on classes and learning the process and spiritual aspects encountered by 1st and 2nd degree students.

Before concluding the training Delphiris suggests the following:

It is good to consider creating your own manuals to support your knowledge for when you are ready to teach, and as part of your apprenticeship.

Please create and keep records of “case studies”. Throughout your training please keep notes of a minimum of three clients, seeing each client three times. This way you commit yourself to learn more sufficiently how to explore giving treatments.

  The “exchange” for the training will be discussed and agreed upon individually.









Reiki I 110, Reiki II 195, Reiki Master/Teacher


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