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Diploma in Holistic Life Coaching

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Diploma in Holistic Life Coaching (Dip. H.L.C.) by distance learning

Recommended period of study: approx. 3 to 6 months

Cost: £295.00 (295 Pounds Sterling - for currency conversion see www.xe.com ) The fee does not include textbooks - 6 books are required (approx. cost £100 or less) This course is intended primarily for therapists who wish to make the transition to coaching as an additional or new profession. The course is also available to others with suitable backgrounds or for personal interest.

The course is ACCREDITED by The Institute of General Management (Ireland) and by the World Guild of Metaphysical and Spiritual Counsellors. Further accreditation in progress by Training Accreditation Ltd., a private UK accrediting body.

The programme is taught in 6 modules covering one key skills model and drawing from four coaching models (Attraction, Co-active, NLP and Coaching with Spirit), introducing a wide variety of coaching techniques. As well as these five modules, there is a module on holistic philosophy and an integrative essay of 2,000 words is required. The focus of this essay will be how coaching relates to, or can be integrated with, your current work or practice.

No face-to-face or distant coaching is provided as part of the course. Some students will already have experience of coaching and just wish to study in order to be certificated. Others may wish to arrange coaching for themselves and there are many on-line directories of coaches. Students are responsible for making their own arrangements for personal coaching. 

Extra benefits and recommended resources

* You will be able to apply to join an international coaching organisation based in the USA. Details will be given to students.

* A series of coaching e-books suitable for yourself and your clients will be provided free with the course. We will also give you:

* A list of the best, hand-picked collections of coaching tools and e-books that you can buy at great prices, to give you lots of additional time-saving material for launching a coaching practice. You won’t find all these gathered together in one handy list anywhere else.

* A list of professional associations that coaches can join including at least one association that will accept coaches from any training route.

* A list of insurance providers for the UK.

* A list of interesting on-line coaching resources.

* A bibliography of coaching books to build your own library.

* Various free articles, tips and items which will depend on what we have available at the time.

* Some of these supplementary information sheets or files may be delivered at intervals during the course in order to allow time for updates and revisions. Some of the material may be available only as downloads from our own or related websites.

1. Practical Holistic Spirituality.  This unit shows how society can improve dramatically by adapting holistic principles.

2. The Coaching Transformation. Working through this unit’s textbook will provide practical skills and knowhow for the therapist or other helping professional who wishes to become a life coach. 

3. The Attraction Model of Coaching. Learn how to discover your vision and purpose, organise yourself, deal with procrastination, make life fulfilling, be constructive and be yourself.

4. The Invisible Coach. This unit offers a superb collection of practical deep coaching skills within a holistic framework, and as well as providing a stand-alone coaching model, it is ideal for students bridging the gap between their other helping practice and the skills of coaching.  Textbook (students need to buy it separately) includes CD of coaching materials and audios of sessions.

5. The NLP Coach. In this unit, the two modern helping approaches of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life and Personal Coaching are brought together. The student will learn the basic principles, strategies and tools of up-to-date NLP and how they fit into the framework of personal coaching.

6. The Spirit of Coaching. Coaching with spirit rests on three “grounded principles” : connection with self, connection with the client and connection with the Whole. These principles inform the art of coaching in various ways, producing a holistic view of coaching whether one is doing personal coaching, business coaching, marketing one’s coaching services, or training.  

7. Integrated essay of 2,000 words on “The Integration of Coaching into my Current Work or Practice”.  

 For further information and more complete description please see the course website.







Diploma in Holistic Life Coaching


GBP 295 plus approx. GBP 75 for textbooks


UK College of Holistic Training


Aberdeen United Kingdom


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