Ethos STOP 7 - smoking cessation course

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Incredible 94% Success Rate - Far more than with any other method! Stop Smoking in just 7 days or we will refund* the course cost! 

Ethos STOP 7 consists of our 14-page Smoking Cessation Course Manual, two different types of Herbal Capsules and our Comforting Herbal Mouth Spray. This system has already assisted over 300,000 Americans to successfully Quit their Smoking habit within seven days and is now available in Europe!We all start our lives as non-smokers but advertising, peer pressure and other outside influences turn us into smokers. After the Ethos STOP 7 Course smokers say that they again feel exactly as they did before they started smoking in the first place!

Most customers report back that the Ethos STOP 7 course was sufficient to stop them smoking in just 7 days and often even less. Those who were tempted to smoke during the course say that they simply used a few quick squirts of the Comforting Herbal Mouth Spray under their tongue, instead of lighting up a cigarette, and consequently were also able to successfully finish the course as newly confirmed and very happy non-smokers.
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Ethos STOP 7 - smoking cessation course
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