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IncoStress Stress Incontinence Control Device

IncoStress - Designed for Women by Women

IncoStress controls stress incontinence

IncoStress is an innovative medical device that controls stress incontinence commonly experienced by women of all ages.

IncoStress is worn inside the vagina. When inserted, IncoStress naturally puts gentle pressure against the urethra, the tube that carries urine from the bladder. This gentle pressure stops or reduces the involuntary loss of urine by closing the urethra and restoring the natural anatomical position of the bladder. Closed urethra and well positioned bladder stop urine leakages, thus preventing the symptoms of stress incontinence from occurring.

IncoStress is ergonomically shaped and encourages gentlesqueezing of pelvic floor muscles, whilst inserted in the vagina. These gentle squeezes can contribute tostronger and more toned pelvic floor muscles. However, please note that IncoStress in not a pelvic floor exerciser and wearing IncoStress does not replace the need for dedicateddaily pelvicfloor workout.

IncoStress is small and discreet. IncoStress is available in one universal size. IncoStress weighs 28 g and its dimensions are 25 mm diameter x 65 mm length.

IncoStress is easy to insert and comfortable in use. You can use IncoStress during day or night continually for up to 8 hours. You can remove IncoStress and re-insert it as many time as it is necessary (i.e. prior to passing urine).

IncoStress is re-usable and you can simply wash IncoStress in clean water after each use. You should replace IncoStress after a month of use for good hygiene reasons.

IncoStress® is made from a medical grade non allergenic silicone. IncoStress is a Medical Device for a single user.

IncoStress contraindications:

You should not use IncoStress during menstruation or when pregnant or suffering with urinary, bladder or vaginal infections. You must not use IncoStress, if you are allergic to any type of silicone.

IncoStress is environmentally friendly and more economical than using disposable incontinence pads. Using IncoStress in preference to disposable incontinence pads could save thousands of trees!

Summary of IncoStress benefits:

  • IncoStress is easy to use
  • IncoStress istampon-like easy to insert
  • IncoStress supports the urethra
  • IncoStress supports the bladder in its natural position
  • IncoStress helps to strengthen pelvic floor muscles
  • IncoStress does not interfere with normal urination
  • IncoStress is re-usable and simple to clean
  • IncoStress is environmentally friendly
  • Incostress is economical and cost effective
  • Incostress stops urine leakage and improves quality of life

User Instructions enclosed.

CE mark Medical Device Class 2a

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