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The British Institute of Homeopathy

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   The British Institute of Homeopathy is recognized as the largest, most successful homeopathic school of medicine in the world. Internationally recognized for excellence in education, it offers an outstanding curriculum, featuring a student body exceeding 11,000 residing in 80 countries. Our main office, located in Egg Harbor Twp, NJ., oversees offices and directors in 30 countries worldwide, including Australia, Canada, India, Spain, Iran, UAE, China, and South America.

  The British Institute of Homeopathy is best known for its exceptional, self-paced home study courses, professional personal tutors and interactive lessons which makes for a thoroughly enjoyable educational experience for the dedicated student.

  With our home study education, BIH meets the universal need of an affordable, accredited and accessible education in the alternative health field, while still providing traditional classroom opportunity for practical, laboratory, and clinical training where available.

  BIH supportive services provide worldwide connections in Virtual Classrooms for ‘On Line’ training. Presentation and review of relevant cases is provided to help distance student’s meet clinical requirements, and to expand the experience base of students and alumni.

  The British Institute of Homeopathy believes in the philosophy of Samuel Hahnemann, who developed Homeopathy to affect the “Highest Ideal of Cure” which is the rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health.

  The Institute’s mission is to teach health care practitioners reliable health building techniques that do not use harsh chemicals or material doses of poisonous substances. The goals are: to build health and to give comfort, regardless what disease is present; to build disease resistance; and to address pain and distress among humanity, all effectively and economically.

  BIH’s professional level courses in complementary and alternative health care are based on principles observed in nature at least since Hippocrates time in about 500AD. These principles were taken from nature by Hahnemann in 1790 and further developed into the comprehensive “classical homeopathy" health care system. This has a superb safety record to "do no harm" while being very effective.

  The British Institute of Homeopathy teaches courses in safe and effective therapies such as: Classical Human, Veterinary, and Dental Homeopathy; Homeopathic Pharmacy, Life Sciences (Anatomy/ Physiology / Pathology); Clinical Nutrition; Herbology; Women's Health / Midwifery; Flower Essences and Bach Flower therapies.

  Courses are designed for the healthcare practitioner such as Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Veterinarians, Nurses, and Psychologists who wish to integrate their current medical practice, as well as for those who wish to practice as full time homeopaths.

  Courses are written to accommodate undergraduate students who wish to pursue healthcare as a profession. BIH can provide future homeopaths with the training required to ensure an in-depth proficiency in classical homeopathy principles, practice and techniques. A medical background is encouraged but not essential for starting homeopathic studies.

  Our student body comes from diverse cultural backgrounds and the Institute accommodates continuing education with family or professional responsibilities in mind.

  Our Tutor Staff has the flexibility and experience to address the needs of our students, freshman through Doctor. BIH’s personal tutors include renowned alternative healthcare providers in private practice, all over the world. They are Medical Doctors, Veterinarians, Nurses and professional practitioners of homeopathy. Some are currently active on Professional State Medical Boards, including Homeopathic Medical Associations. These dedicated professionals run busy clinics and teach with the benefit of personal experience, from a true ambition to arm their students with the knowledge and skills required by today’s health care practitioners. Many of these tutors will provide in class opportunities, as well as flexible private lessons for students who live within travel distance of a BIH tutor's office

  The British Institute has a Student Run Forum, a think tank worthy of its international recognition consisting of Tutors, Postgraduate Alumni and Diploma level students. This study group bridges the geographical, cultural and educational gap of homeopathic and complementary medical training that exists in most of the world today. Students and tutors from all over the world share ideas, knowledge, and their vision while supporting each other in their quest to become the best of tomorrow’s healers.

  The British Institute has national and international activities involving various individuals worldwide including advisors, alumni, tutors, students, course writers, consultants and many others.Since laws for homeopathy, veterinary homeopathy and other practitioner activities vary from state to state and from country to country, it is up to the individual participant to ensure that their personal activities in association with BIH in any area are compliant with their local laws.

   Disclaimers: Successful completion of these courses does not constitute a license to practice medicine.

   BIH expects all students to comply with local, state, and federal regulations and/or those of the country in which they live.

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